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Alex Viera posted a discussion
I was flying a new location today on a hill and I climbed out a little to fast. I turned back towards my takeoff location but found myself completely disoriented. My VTX was starting to get fuzzy and realized I was lost and too high up to tell where…
Mar 24, 2013
Alex Viera posted a discussion
I bought a MinimOSD, it failed in the first 10 minutes of use, I borrow an osd from my buddy just so I can fly. Running all my FPV gear on 12v.. Send it back to DIY and this is the response I get....///////////////////////////////////Hi Alex, We…
Mar 15, 2013
Alex Viera replied to Alex Viera's discussion Changed ESCs and now copter in constant left yaw
"More info...
The previous were 30a Simonk ESCs, these are just stock HK 30a ESCs"
Mar 1, 2013
Alex Viera posted a discussion
Just swapped out my ESCs and after doing manual calibration my quad wants to yaw left, so much so that I can't give it enough right yaw to hold it in position. I'm using 2.9.1. It stays level, but rotates to the left. I've done all the level…
Mar 1, 2013
Alex Viera posted a discussion
I just upgraded to SimonK flashed ESCs and my videos were coming out completely jelloed, really bad. Rebalanced props and motors, got a little bit better. Almost ready to give up, but tried turning down the P rate down and boom, jello gone. I went…
Feb 27, 2013
Alex Viera replied to Arnold's discussion Software to convert Video to areal picture
"Really quick and dirty way... Do a print screen after you pause it where you want it. Paste it into MSPaint, crop, save as... Done.
Works great.
Feb 27, 2013
Alex Viera replied to nano_khalid's discussion My New High Effecient Setup Getting Ruin - Low KV quad in ArduCopter User Group
"FYI - I had a similar problem that took me the entire day to get working. It turned out that the ESC calibration procedure only calibrated two escs on one side. It would still fly but ended up breaking a few props and changing PID values. I was…"
Feb 24, 2013
Alex Viera posted a discussion
Hi,Couldn't find any info on this topic. Sorry if it's a dup. I've just started flying FPV on my quadcopter, at first I had a 5 degree angle but found it was hard to see the ground coming up when decending. I turned the camera down to 15 degrees…
Feb 13, 2013