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Mission Planner latest version


today I actualized my version of MP on the PC.

Then I found that the FULL PARAMETER LIST is gone.

The FULL PARAMETER TREE is also not visible in the menue.

Is it just me or is the MP version 1.3.44 just without this option?


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burning wires in COMPASS_MOT calibration !


during the COMPASS_MOT calibration I burned the wires with the DF13 plugs from the PM to the Pixhawk.

I'm lost because it is the second time this happened with two different FC on the copter.

I'm using 6S Lipo and a PM that reads DC in 2S - 7S - 5.4

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Postion Hold vs. Loiter mode (APM 2.5 3DR)


out of sheer curiosity I'm often changing the flight modes.

Now I'm wondering what is the difference between LOITER and POSITION_HOLD modes?

Is there an advantage from one over the other?

Both work well holding the copter firmly in the air.

Am I missi

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Hexacopter does not fly like before a crash


after a crash (beginner) I fixed a few broken things.

I also flash the APM 2.5 new because I changed too much parameters.

All mandatory things and settings and calibration done.

Now, during my first test flights I observe a strange behavior.

The Copte

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Compass interference !


trying my first flights I always ended in trees or wheat fields.

(Copter recovered every time)

Some times it flew good and respond well, even to my RTL test.

But suddenly during my "lessons" there where some flyaway attempts (had to shut down and do

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