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Flying Wing Crash Analysis

I've crashed 3 birds in a row, I need someone else's opinion on what caused this crash.  I have all of the logs posted below minus the .log file as there is a 7mb limit.

I have people depending on me to fly these things, any help would greatly be appr

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Preflight Calibration No Longer Working

About the release time of ArduPlane 3.5 I noticed that the Preflight Reboot Shutdown started to work.  I also noticed that the Preflight Calibration no longer works.  It had a nice "command received" message when it calibrated.

I've tried everything I

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For Sale: 2 APM 2.5's

One is a RC Timer the other is from 3DR, both come with GPS module and connecting wire.  $80 each.  Pulled from working drones, I need to downsize my fleet!!

Please PM me on this site, Paypal is preferred, I can mail these if you are inside USA for fr

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APM 2.6 induced flutter, all channels


In manual mode (stabilize when manual inputs are used) I get flutter on all channels, as in all servos move when I touch the stick.

It appears that in automatic modes (RTL) the flutter appears again as my video (servos pointing the camera) jer

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OSD works, grey screen for video

I can not solve this:  I have a grey screen for video.

Please keep in mind, this setup WAS WORKING.  3691101331?profile=originalI had video but no OSD, so I started to mess with it, now I have only OSD and grey background (see pic). 

I have a minimOSD v1.1 board.

I have tried ALL

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