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DanRZ replied to DanRZ's discussion How to diagnose a wrong yaw setup with logs ?
"Hello, now i have raw datas and can log Gyro X,Y,Z and Acceleration X,Y,Z
but what can i do with those datas to analyze the good/bad behaviour of my setup ?

Jan 14, 2013
DanRZ replied to Matthew Dickinson's discussion corrupted output when trying to downloading logs
"Hello before hitting "download logs", wait in the Terminal window that the APM is fully connected.
It may take some times ... then hit three times ENTER and retry clicking "download logs".

First i was also unable to download logs until i realized…"
Jan 6, 2013
DanRZ replied to DanRZ's discussion How to diagnose a wrong yaw setup with logs ?
"Thans to Redemptioner, i had a response ( On tuning guide post ).
I wil ltry to add RAW datas on logs and see if it helps."
Jan 5, 2013
DanRZ replied to DanRZ's discussion How to diagnose a wrong yaw setup with logs ?
"Sorry to "bump" the message but anyone has informations or links on how to analyze logs about bad parameters settings on Yaw or any other channel ?

Jan 4, 2013
DanRZ replied to DanRZ's discussion How to diagnose a wrong yaw setup with logs ?
"Anybody knows how to analyze CTUN logs or else ?

Happy new year to anyone passing by here ... ;)"
Jan 1, 2013
DanRZ replied to DanRZ's discussion How to diagnose a wrong yaw setup with logs ?
"Hello, i've just found this on the wiki : http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Datalogging

It looks like the CTUN logs are able to give datas on gain loops.

How can i use these CTUN logs to check gains ?

Here is a screenshot of my CTUN…"
Dec 30, 2012
DanRZ posted a discussion
Hello, i'm new with an APM2 and would like to know how to diagnose a Yaw problem with logs.What logs do i have to activate ? Which value to check ...In fact, i would like to know if it's possible with logs to analyse the PIDs settingsand if we can…
Dec 26, 2012
DanRZ replied to James Court's discussion Installing the APMv2 in different aircraft
"Hello, i'm following this post and have the same question ...
My need is to use the same APM on a Quad and a plane
but outdoor season is closed for me so i won't do it this year, for sure.

But i think it's quite simple. For me i would do that…"
Oct 15, 2012
DanRZ replied to John Hanson's discussion Waypoints Galore!
"Awesome ..."
Sep 22, 2012
DanRZ replied to Dave Whittington's discussion Like to test my APM by riding as a passenger in a real aircraft with Mission Planner on a laptop
"Hello, i noticed on my APM 2 that if i connect the USB and also the "main" power battery it saves a log.
For example i get a log file when i make my calibration "on bench" ...
But i don't know if there is all the informations on those logs ( i…"
Sep 19, 2012
DanRZ replied to Stephen R Mann's discussion GPS Accuracy
"Hello,what do you mean by "overlay map is xxx ft off" ? Points on Google maps are wrong ? misplaced ?
I also noticed i have a small offset on Google maps ( 5 to 10 feets maybe ... ).
If you think your GPS is right but the Google maps is wrong just…"
Sep 17, 2012
DanRZ replied to DanRZ's discussion South offset on first flight with 2.7.3.
"Hello, everything is OK on second flight. No offset ...


Sep 16, 2012
DanRZ posted a discussion
Hello, i just updated my APM 2 ( GAUI 500X ) from 271 to 273 and i get a weird beahviour on first flight. My position looks to be "offseted" at 70 m on south at the beginnig of the flight ...During the flight the positions get back to the normal…
Sep 16, 2012
DanRZ replied to Justin's discussion Geofence Support?
"Hello i tried to find information a few weeks ago, too.
Here is the link on the wiki : https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/APLimitsLibrary
It's only a simple circular fence and an altitude limit that can be set with the parameters list on…"
Sep 4, 2012
DanRZ replied to Dan Clemens's discussion variable pitch quad
"Hello. For problem 2, just know that you can "manage" motors rpms without using the APM
just only with your transmitter and "all the motors" leaded to the same "signal".
In a heli model on your transmitter you can use throttle curves ...
In a…"
Aug 28, 2012
DanRZ replied to Plinio Augusto's discussion ESC'S 20A X MOTOR 880KV
"Hello, and what about props on the datasheet ?

40A surely means the motors have a certain output power, like 500W so they recommend a 40A,
just to exploit all the output.

If you use a very large prop with high pitch, the 20A will surely have…"
Aug 28, 2012