About Me:

I am an electrical engineer that works mostly on embedded systems projects in the fitness industry.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am fascinated by robotics and I think it's a fairly natural extension to make robots fly.


Calgary, AB, CA

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Geoffrey Thomas commented on Steven Harsanyi's photo
"Where did you get the carbon fiber arm pieces you are using? What is the total weight of your setup?"
Jul 21, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas replied to Christopher Williams's discussion Magneto Orientation
"I asked Jason about this a few weeks back and the problem is the lack of code space on the 1280 board. I'm in the same boat as you!"
Jun 23, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas replied to Limebear (Rob)'s discussion C syntax question
"It forces 1000 to be of type float"
Jun 8, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas replied to Chinab Chugh's discussion Only 1 I2C port?
"I2C peripherals are addressable so you can daisy chain up to 127 depending on if you are using 7 or 10 bit addressing on a single connection."
Jun 6, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones visit to Scaled Composites
"Chris, is there any chance that you can share a copy of your speech?"
Jun 4, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Building my UAV Modular Test Platform - Part 2
"As opposed to gluing the motor on you may be better using a small bolt from the front that is locked into place with a washer and nut on the inside. From work on my quad copter I've found that hot melt glue will tend to fail over time with…"
Jun 4, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas replied to Jason Short's discussion 2.0.16
"Are there any plans in future version to allow for a CLI update of mag orientation? I'm comfortable with re-compiling the source to adjust the mag orientation for my custon quad but it would be a nice feature to be able to do it from CLI."
May 27, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas replied to roger's discussion i2c ... nxt mindstorm ultrasonic sensor ... low altitude hold?
"It certainly does, it's actually a pretty decent sensor as well, it might be a little heavy depending on the size of your quad though."
Feb 24, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas replied to Justin's discussion Balsa and electronics ?
"I'm buidling a quad frame right now that sandwiches the 3/16" balsa frame members between two layers of 1/16" plywood and it is very strong. I used a low expansion urethane glue to hold everything together, it's called gorilla glue. If any I'm most…"
Feb 23, 2011
Geoffrey Thomas commented on Jose Julio's blog post Indoor fun with a tiny ArduCopter quadcopter
"Hi Jose,

What's the issue with using the BEC output of the 6A ESCs? I'm building up a quadcopter based on the using the Turnigy Plush 6A ESCs and a 2S lipo. The BEC output of the four ESCs combined should be able to source about 3.2A which should…"
Jan 25, 2011