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Hi guys,

check out our thermal camera on one of the custom endurance builds.

We were able to improve the video quality significantly and it looks very smooth with gimbal stabilization.

It it able to show warm bodies on the ground from few hundred feet up. 

We are selling this complete thermal kit with camera, screen, video link and gimbal as an add-on on our website.

Read more and get a 10% discount on it before the end of the year here.


Easy Aerial Team

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Hi there, 

Check out our custom Solo with integrated thermal camera based on Flir Lepton sensor. The output is a split screen with thermal image on the left and RGB on the right. You can record the video on your mobile device that you using as a screen on the remote. 

It is available for purchase on our website

This is the same camera we developed for our project in cooperation with Mouser and Intel that I posted about earlier. 


Let me know if you have any questions!


Easy Aerial Team

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Hi guys, check out the second episode of our show with Grant Imahara from Mythbusters sponsored by Mouser and Intel. 

In this episode we go more in-depth into the electronics and systems developed specifically for this project. You will see our proprietary mechanical design for centering the drone and placing it on top of the charging pads.  

This project represents one of many uses for our remote drone deployment platform in the cloud - Global ARC

Interested to hear your thoughts. 

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Remotely controlled autonomous drones 

Dear friends, check out our latest project in partnership with Mouser Electronics to build a complete autonomous solution for first responders that uses our XL Pro drones and works over our Global ARC platform (www.globalarc.us) to enable remote control over the internet. 

Two more episodes coming soon

What is GlobalARC?  

Global Autonomous Robot Communication (ARC) is a cloud platform for deployment and command over completely autonomous UAV's to unlimited distances. It allows for instantaneous data collection and low latency video feed worldwide. 

Let us know what you think!

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Hi all, 

just wanted to show off our new thermal camera for UAVs. 

Lighter than a GoPro this dual thermal setup features Flir Lepton sensor and a reference RGB camera. It is the smallest and most affordable drone thermal camera made specifically for airborne use. Plug-and-play with any analog video transmitter-receiver. Output is analog video with two pictures side by side. 


The connection is a standard 3-pin servo plug that has Video signal + 5V in + Ground. It is also available with a standard GoPro gimbal. It's available for purchase on our website


Check it out!

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Site survey over GSM cellular network

Hi all, 

we have been testing our GSM drone connection module in the field and it performed really well. Here is a short video showing how you can upload a mission and send a drone out completely over cellular network. It's telemetry and path are then available in real-time at our free online platform www.globalarc.us

This opens up the potential for a completely autonomous system (that we are working on as we speak, stay tuned), but also allows centralized command for any commercial application. Our GSM companion that has a 2" touchscreen weighs 1 Oz without the battery and 1.5 Oz with an independent battery. It works with APM and Pixhawk for now and we will announce the availability here very soon. 

Please let us know your thoughts!

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Hello all, 

I just wanted to share with you this short video of our complete mapping setup that includes an XL Pro, Sony QX1 on a gimbal and a video screen. It can fly for 30+ minutes and is very straightforward to set up. FPV video is provided by an additional camera on the side of QX1.

Available now on our website - http://www.easyaerial.com/easy-drone-xl-pro-sony-qx1-mapping-kit

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Hello there, 

Please take a look at our newest Pixhawk based mapping setup with Easy Drone XL Pro and Sony QX1 and an additional FPV camera for live video feedback. 

It takes advantage of a fairly large format imager on this cool Sony camera and gives you the ability to use high quality prime lenses. This rig will stay in the air for solid 30 minutes and can cover a large area. Because QX1 doesn't have a video out, we've added a small, light FPV camera that transmits live video down to the monitor. 


This new setup has a 30% better GPS accuracy because we are using the new NEO-M8N receiver that works with multiple networks concurrently. Needless to say it still fits in the same small backpack due to our modular design.


And to make things more interesting it comes ready for our GlobalARC system that provides unlimited distance telemetry over GSM networks and you can access all data and video online at www.globalarc.us;

Please let us know your thoughts!

Easy Aerial Team 

www.easyaerial.com / www.globalarc.us

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Hello all, 

just wanted to share this quick video demo we shot yesterday that shows how easy it is to use GlobalARC to stream live flight video to our online portal.  

What is GlobalARC?

GlobalARC is a cloud based platform that allows real-time data and video link with autonomous robots anywhere in the world. It is also a great management tool for any UAV operation where you can keep track of your vehicles, accessories and personnel. Feel free to check it out at www.globalarc.us.

How does it work?

Our platform connects directly to your autopilot and puts it "on the grid". You can then access it online when you log-in anywhere in the world. It let's you plan missions, deploy drones and watch live video feed online. There is a small wireless device involved that acts as a bridge between the drone and the platform. Here is a demo video with our XL Pro using GlobalARC to stream video online.

The future of this technology

Future potential of GlobalARC technology is enormous, as it will enable completely autonomous UAV operations from unlimited distance with a command center in the cloud. Companies will be able to deploy and manage self-charging, autonomous drones anywhere on the planet and receive live video and real-time data. Imagine completely autonomous drones in agriculture, search and rescue or inspection industries that can be routinely deployed from company offices half a world away to provide crucial data on regular bases.


What you need to use it with the Pixhawk

There are two ways you can connect the GlobarARC device to your autopilot - a usb cable or Bluetooth. We favor Bluetooth connection because it's impervious to vibration, however you do need to add a small BT connection board and plug it in the telemetry port.

Please let us know if you'd like to try this with your APM or Pixhawk! In the meantime we are going to be working on adding more autopilots to the mix. Right now we also support Naze32 and MultiWii.

Your Easy Aerial Team

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Hello there, 

below is a quick tutorial on how to set up your telemetry over 3G/4G/LTE and use 3DR Tower to control your drone remotely.

To get started - follow these steps: 

  1. Register an account with GlobalARC
  2. Download Andruav App
  3. Enter your access code into Andruav
  4. Click connect!

This video shows how to set up your own Android phone and connect it to APM or Pixhawk: 

Hope you'll like having the option of unlimited distance telemetry and video streaming over GSM networks. 

Let us know what you think of our GlobalARC system - www.globalarc.us


Easy Aerial Team

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Hello drone lovers, 

we are so excited to finally open up GlobalARC to all of you who are flying UAV's for fun or work around the world.

We built a first of a kind platform that allows you to not only plan and manage your flights, but also watch real time video and receive data from your vehicles anywhere in the world. You can use GlobalARC to check the airspace zoning and act accordingly or create a complex mission and upload it to any connected vehicle around the world. It's instantaneous and it's FREE for one user. 


You can also sit back and enjoy the scenery or share this experience with anyone online. Add your teammates to help you plan missions together or assign them different roles within the organization. Upgrade to Professional for $9.95 and run your whole commercial drone business using GlobalARC. We also offer fully customised solutions with private secure servers as an Enterprise level. 


Each connection is super-secure and all video streams are encrypted and private. To get it working just download our app from the Google Play Store and enter the code from your dashboard. You can add multiple drones to your fleet and access real-time data and video from them. (This feature currently works best with Pixhawk and APM, but we are working on a version for integrated crafts like SOLO and Phantom). Here is a quick tutorial on connecting the app to your drone. 

Go ahead test it out and tell us what you think. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback! 

Sign up for free now at www.GlobalARC.us


Your Easy Aerial Team

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Hello Drone Lovers!
Ivan here from Easy Aerial Inc.


I am super-excited to invite you to watch my appearance on a Science Channel show called "All American Makers" this Wednesday at 8PM ET. Easy Drone XL Pro was chosen to be featured in the second season and we put it through some rough testing on the show!

Please tune in and join us as we look into the unique design features of Easy Aerial modular approach and explore the future of drones as smart and helpful autonomous machines. I guarantee good entertainment. 

Feel free to share this with other folks who might be interested in checking out a very unique drone design.


Ivan Stamatovski
Founder, Easy Aerial Inc.

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Drone aficionados, 

In what has now become a weekly update for our KickStarter campaign I'd like to show you a demo of the Easy Drone XL Pro autonomous flight using  3DR Tower app. Hope you enjoy!

By the way - we are ninety two percent funded at this point and are expecting to reach our goal in the next few days. You can check out more details on Easy Drone and the campaign here: 


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Hello drone lovers!

We are excited to be so close to our goal on KickStarter with another 3 weeks left on the campaign. 

In the meantime a test we did last week proved that Easy Drone XL Pro could actually lift and fly with 8 pounds of weight for quite a few minutes (without bursting into flames). This is with a hand-tightened frame and it's default battery and props. 

We are still sticking to our 3 pound recommendation for the camera weight though since we want to give you more than 100% overhead to fight winds and be more agile. 

Take a look at a recent demo we did at InterDrone in Las Vegas below:

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Easy Drone is a unique, modular, autonomous, unmanned aerial system for personal and commercial use. Easy Drone's frame made from carbon fiber and aluminum is extremely rigid yet it can be taken apart completely without any tools and carried in a small backpack. It is very convenient to transport with the largest frame size, flight time and lift capacity in the industry.

See more here - http://www.easyaerial.com/easy-drone-xl-pro

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