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Compass Calibration

I've calibrated the compass (using methods in various YT videos) several times. Each time I get different offsets for the calibration even though the machine hardware and location remains the same.

On every flight I get EKF warning of compass differen

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SBus RX power from Pixhawk

I'm not certain this is the correct place for this question but here goes..

After a crash and identified ESC fault All ESC have been replaced on the Octo.

The replacement ESC are Opto so the pixhawk is being powered purely by the pixhawk power module.


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Unusual Crash after updating to 3.3

First field trip since update.

After doing calibrations in the field first flight was going well until about a minute in. I was in loiter hovering level, just tilting the camera down when the back of the Octocopter dipped violently, lost lots of heigh

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Auto Tune on Large Octo

Auto tune worked great, much better than I expected. The only side effect is the difference in stick movements afterwards between stab mode and loiter/position

Otherwise pretty much perfect

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APM2.5 V3 no longer flying Octocopters

I'm led to believe that V3.01 on an APM2.5 cannot fly octocopters in anything other than Stabalise/Alt Hold modes due to overload on the processor bringing the 50Hz loop down to around 5Hz.

1. Is this true ?

2. If so why is the firmware code still avai

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Help Altitude Config

Just swapped my APM2 for an APM2.5 - all reload and fine apart from the Altitude. I've re-loaded firmware several times and re-loaded config, Even re-done config from scratch but I still get this...

My Apm2.0 reports 73cm and that is accurate why does

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Motor Leds Error

I'm still looking into how this happened today but just as a warning to anyone using motor leds there is a possibility of the LEDS flashing (Indicating DISARM) but the ARDU is in fact ARMED !Today I armed the Ardu and the lights went solid as expecte

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Camera Gimball Servo Control

Having finished the camera Gimball I'm very happy with it apart from the control I've got over the servos from the APM2.0

The movements seem very coarse and slow. If I tilt the machine quickly the gimball lags behind but does go level. I've tried diff

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Ardu Voltage at 4.64 from 5V supply

I was setting up my voltage monitor and noticed that the voltage on the Ardu 2 was 4.64V.

When disconnected the ESC produces 4.96V - Is this voltage drop expected ?

My only concern in that there is 4.64 volts supplied to the RX where the specs say the

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Voltage monitor on APM2

I want to get the pack voltage reported in the telemetry just for testing, I'm running 4S setup with the APM2,

I don't have the relatively new voltage/current monitor, to use it I'd have to do a lot of stripping to get to the power system, but I'd lik

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Powering Gimball servos from the APM

It's come to my attention tonight that the APM2 has a 500mah fuse. I was planning to run Servos for the gimball directly from the APM but at stall they would pull 4A and obviously blow the fuse.

What is the best way to power Gimball servos ?

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APM2 / 2.5 LEDs

There's been a few threads on LED strips and lights on the ARDU but most seem outdated now,

What is currently available at V2.8/2.8.1 out of the box (as it were)  are any of the analogue pins already assigned with LED outputs ?

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Yaw not holding

I've been doing some tuning, gone around in a big circle and ended up nearly at default. Now I've got a great flying Octo but the rate yaw is at 1.600 The default is 0.250.

If I reduce the rate yaw anything below 1.3 I get random un-commanded yaw eith

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