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Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am currently studying Aerospace Avionics (3rd year) and am currently designing an autonomously navigated quadrocopter with OCR capabilities.

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Michael Vowles commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post ArduIMU V3 is finally here!
"Fantastic news!!! Good job to everyone involved"
Nov 2, 2011
Michael Vowles replied to Michael Vowles's discussion APM not reading Radio Channels
Oct 30, 2011
Michael Vowles posted a discussion
Thanks in advance for anyone who might be able to help me.I have been using the Ardupirates code for a university project and something rather percuilar has happened. In trying to fix a dodgy ESC and resoldering some of the connections on the PCB…
Oct 29, 2011
Michael Vowles commented on AVS's blog post A complete Arduino development system for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010
"As much as I like the arduino programming environment it is a relief that this is now compatible with VS. Great work!"
Oct 23, 2011
Michael Vowles replied to roger's discussion yet another motor arming frustration
"Hi Roger,
I am having the same issue as you and read that you said the board was defective, were you able to get a refund at all?"
May 13, 2011
Michael Vowles commented on Ken Wycherley's blog post Object tracking algorithm learns on the fly.
"Fantastic Job!!! Very interesting"
Apr 5, 2011
Michael Vowles commented on endrew's blog post Another quadrotor project
Nov 7, 2010
Michael Vowles commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post ArduCopter Development & Production news--Pre-orders now starting!
"This is fantastic news, soo excited! Great job to all the team and everyone who has had a hand in making this happen!!!"
Oct 20, 2010
Michael Vowles commented on Michael Vowles's blog post Indoor Flying Robot (Quadrotor) update
"Ha, Not quite those weights are there for a good reason as we had the thing lift off the table in the test rig when one of the team members was messing around with the serial commands and ended up slicing his hand quite badly."
Sep 12, 2010
Michael Vowles posted a blog post
Thought I would share the progress on our quadrotor, we have done the PID tuning but have noticed in the test rig that it tends to 'rock' to the same side in both pitching and rolling from a straight and level position. We think we can put this down…
Sep 11, 2010
Michael Vowles replied to Tom Robinson's discussion Which frequency band to use for transmitting video whilst using a 2.4ghz controller?
"Hi Tom,
I am going through the same process as you and have found much of the same conflicting information about using 2.4GHz for a video system. To be safe it is probably just best to use a different frequency band so there is little or no chance…"
Jul 31, 2010
Michael Vowles commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduCopter beta flying!
"Brilliant job!! Definitely looking forward to the code release."
Jul 21, 2010
Michael Vowles posted a blog post
Let me start with my first post with thanking everyone on this site for their valuable info and enthusiasm For a systems engineering unit we have been given the task of creating a flying robot that is capable of detecting letters on a structure…
May 17, 2010