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Terminal Screen - Is this a Problem?

3 year old 3DR Y6 kit with APM2.6, two crashes in that time, but cannot seem to get it back to stable.  I noticed that in terminal mode, after connect, it displays "ublox" then garbage keeps being displayed.  Not sure if the GPS/Compass took the brun

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APM 2.0.14 Flight Planning

After a year of flying my Y6, I want to try Auto missions.  The Arducopter instructions for how to do so date back to APM v1.x and I have 2.0.14 on the MAC.  

I cannot get far as I cannot pick a home start point, or see anything on the right click men

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Help - After Converting to Frame 10...

As some of you know, I had a crash.  My Y6 is back together, and I gave it a "maiden flight".  It is showing the same tendency I saw after initially changing to Frame 10, in that I have to give it forward pitch else it keeps going backwards. The cent

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Motor Failures

After my crash, I had visible damage to the left bottom motor, as the wires got snapped off just as they entered the motor.  I have since re-assembled each arm using the side hole with a grommet, and the wires pointed inward.

Ran a motor spin test, an

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US and FAA Rules, Practical Example

President Obama is visiting our area today, so there is a TFR or Temporary Flight Restriction while he is here.  Included in the verbage is:


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Best Way to Orient Motor Wires

My 3DR kit Y6 crashed, and the motor wires on one motor were snapped off during impact.  The instructions say to have the wires pointed outboard on the arm as in the photo from the PDF assembly instructions.

Did anyone try pointing them inboard?


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Y6 Frame 10 Conversion

I decided to convert my Y6 to the new frame 10 option.  Of course, the motor cables from the ESCs were only reachable by taking it apart, top frame off the bottom frame.  I labeled them as they were, disconnected, then re-connected in the new positio

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So Many wires!

The 3DR Web Assembly manual shows the rear ESCs stacked together.  I emailed their tech support and their reply was that it is OK to do so.  Now, if I can only figure out where to put all the wires.  Oh yea, the PM is still hanging out.  Trying to ge

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