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Flipping on take off


Just had fail day. Drove 2 hours to location, and my iris decided to behave different this time.

For some reason is reacting the opposite to what it should to stabilise

After flipping on launch a few times (and going thru a set of CF props) I manua

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Setting up octo for first use?


So Im at the point where I have my K130 octo ready and setup my Taranis flight modes etc.

Simple tests at home comfirm the engines are starting and it wants to take off.

(It needs very little throttle since it has good power and not loaded yet.)

So lo

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HDOP values

Question about HDOP.

Where I live is reasonably hilly so often I get a HDOP which is higher than the default (Which is around 2m I beleive) Im generally getting 3.5m or so.

Ive looked but cant find where I can increase the min HDOP value. so

1) Is there

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Iris radio and extra channels


Having fun and looking at my radio. There are so many buttons and dials.

Besides gimbal control, what else are people setting up for their spare channels?.

Im thinking:

- Simple, Super simple mode

- Geofence Toggle

Are the options to:

- Commence circle a

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Stabilize mode + manul control = crash?


So Im getting closer to actually staying in the air for more than 10 sec :)

Im confused about stabilize mode. I found that if I launch my flying wing via bungee,  and have stabilise on, it glides perfectly like a dart (with no motor I thought it had

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Power thru APM to servos etc


Just reading up thru the manual a bit more and got to the part about the power module.

At the moment Im just testing (not flying yet sob) a simple Flying Wing (One of Trents Raptor140s actually)

I have the apm2.6 with power module.

So at the moment I

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3DR radio alternative?


Just further researching the subject while waiting for my first toys to arrive.

Im ordering some bits from hobbyKing and am curious about the 3dr radios and what an alternative might look like over at HK. In particularly something with a bit more ra

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DIY drones Live chat?


Just wondering if the site admins thought about implementing some live chat system.

Looks like there are a few people around lately.

There are So many areas to the forums that I can imagine posts get missed.

Live chat might be a nice alternative for a

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Plane build help (components and terms)


Ive spent a few weeks now browsing the site, the 3dr store and hobby king. Dreaming and Drooling.

Im interested in both coptor and plane purchases..but think I might start with Plane. Ive looked at the premade 3dr plane and its interesting but then

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