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Arduplane 2.77, APM 2.5 Telemetry

I run the same pair of Xbees on my 'copters and Plane and have no problems getting telemetry into the mission planner from my PixHawk on an Octocopter and with earlier APM hardware.

I have recently upgraded to an APM 2.5 and loaded Arduplane 2.77.

I ge

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Ardustation software errors

I am trying to get the Ardustation3 software to compile but am getting errors in a couple of the functions. Not being a strong programmer could anyone help me please? 

If I try and compile the software in the Arduino IDE it reports a lot of errors but

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Ardustation 3

I would like to be compile and run the Ardustation 3 software but it seems to have been developed in Visual Studio/Visual Micro that I do not have. Can anyone help me to adapt it to run on the Arduino IDE?

regards Peter

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I know this has been raised before but I have been unable to refind the answer. What altitude units are used in the Mission Planner and is it possible to change the units. I read that the default altitude is metres. Is that correct - can it be change

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Octocopter height gain when yawing

My octocopter with APM1 and oilpan running 2.7.3 software has a quite alarming power surge in the motors when yawing. Yawing either way results in a an audible surge of the motors and quite rapid height gain. The surge stops and the rate of altitude

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Assembling an APM2.0

I have just bought an APM2.0 that is not assembled.

I can't find any instructions about assembling it.

I am now wondering whether I need to solder the GPS to the support pins that are labelled 5v Gnd or whether it picks up the 5v and Gnd via the multip

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Altitude Data and Arducopter

I have been struggling to get my Arducopter to set off to the first waypoint at the correct altitude and part of the problem is that I don' t know whether the various altitude values are absolute or relative to the home position. At the moment it beh

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No GPS Lock in Mission Planner

I have been running a 1280 series 1 APM board and have just upgraded to a 2560 APM 1 board. 

I load v2.3 of Arduplane via the Mission Planner (1.1.55) and set up the radio, compass etc. 

The GPS light comes on indicating lock but only LED B lights on t

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Arduplane v2.3 Logging

I have installed v2.3 of Arduplane from the Mission Planner version 1.1.53 and the Logs command when in CLI does not work. Test and Setup modes both work but it won't switch into the Logs menu. I have used the Reset and Erase commands to ensure every

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Messages when using with Arducopter

With version 1.0.94 I get "This version may break advanced mission scripting" at startup. 


When I try to change the Rate Pitch/Roll I get a failed message even if I move the switch to the CLI position. 


Can enyone enlighten me?



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Magneto Calibration

I've just fitted a new magneto to my oilpan as the previous one gave very random values. I know it works as when fitted to my Arducopter it does what it is supposed to and gives the correct headings and nice smooth value changes.


However when fitted

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I've just fitted a new compass to my olipan as the previous one gave very random values. I know it works as when fitted to my Arducopter it does what it is supposed to and gives the correct headings and nice smooth value changes.


However when fitted

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APM Heading Display

I have an Arudplane and use the mission planner via an Xbee link. When I replay a tlog file the aircraft symbol at the centre of the Map display shows a current heading that seems to bear little relationship to the GPS track and sometimes shows I am

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2.24 only works in manual

I uploaded 2.24 via Planner and set everything up. 


When I get GPS lock everything in Planner seems to do what I expect - the AHI responds OK, GE shows the correct position and  the mode switch works (I have set it for Manual, Stabilise and RTL). The

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Mavlink data

I have found that using HK GCS lite the mavlink serial data seems consistent over reasonable range with no errors using Xbees on 2.4GHz and 57600 link.When I use the Planner under the same conditions I can see in the background window various message

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HK GCS and Wireless links

I had hoped to be able to use a 433MHz module by Low Power Radio Solutions as my link between the HKGCS and my Ardupilot Mega. Initially the modules seemed to work well but when I tried it with version 2.012 the link was very unreliable. I am running

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Ver 2.011 Compile problem

I cannot get 2.011 to compile using Arduino 0022. This is the message:ArduPilotMega.cpp: In member function 'void GCS_MAVLINK::handleMessage(mavlink_message_t*)':GCS_Mavlink:357: error: 'struct Location' has no member named 'options'GCS_Mavlink:375:

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