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HK SuperSimple ESC good resolution?

I'm sitting on some Hobbyking SuperSimple SS 40 amp ESCs and was wondering whether anybody has had success with them. I know that even in terms of "cheap overseas stuff" they are the cheapest of the cheap (I'd imagine the Plush series would do great)

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Razor 9dof AHRS Code questions

I'm looking into the Razor 9dof and I have some questions

First, and most importantly, are significant revisions to come (besides the 328)? I don't want to buy it now and have it be obsolete in 2 months.

Next, looking at the code, I see some RAM waster

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Other Ardupilot hardware

Hi, I was wondering if there are other people who have used other hardware besides the standard recommended one. I was thinking...replace 1hz em406 with 5hz ls20031. They cost the same anyways!Forget the IR stabilization. Completely remove any IR sta

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