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DF-13 to usb to set a 3dr radio

What's the best method to connect a 3dr radio [ eBay version ] with a  df-13 socket to usb [ pc ] ?? I need to set up one in MP and cannot see how to connect to my pc. The last time I did this several years ago it had the pins for the FTDI cable but

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Copter design / rotating motors

I am thinking about building a 'H' quad copter and design it so the front two motors can rotate forward using the slider on my TX to allow for a more streamline forward flight. I know some people have simply mounted the motors forward facing so that

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Mavlink upgrade possibilites

I had a hardware idea. We know of course of 3dr Mavlink radios... What if 3dr had a ‘pro’ version or ‘MavTalk’ version. The idea is to make the ground side radio slightly bigger with a speaker and the hardware necessary to verbally communicate messag

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Copter propeller safety ideas

I'm a contractor and have seen table saws that can detect contact with a human finger / hand and cut the motor power instantly. It uses a current sensor similar to what you see in your kitchen and bathroom outlets aka GFCI outlets. That wouldn't work

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iDroneCtrl iOS app works great!

I got iDroneCtrl [a limited but growing GCS for iOS devices ] and it works really solid and seems very intuitive. I created a mission and it worked flawlessly. I think I might have to get an iPad just for this. It plugs directly into the lightning co

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How to waterproof a pixhawk

I would like to waterproof my pixhawk as much as possible. Last summer I installed one inside a frame called an Aqucopter which did well for waterproofing but suffered badly from the baro being so isolated form the outside alt hold was really bad. I

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