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Dominator 450L APM 2.6 Build

I had a Dominator 450L sitting around and I decided to install my old APM 2.6 so that I can continue to 3691249858?profile=originallearn traditional helicopters with out jeopardizing my 700 Trex with a PixHawk. So I have had success setting up traditional helicopters.  This is

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Issue Arming

I spun up my new 700L Dominator the other day and found out i cannot Arm the  copter with my Tx. I was able to arm it via the computer. I double checked all my controls and all are moving in the correct direction. I am sure I am missing something. (U

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Sagetech Transponder

I have been approached with possible installing a Sagetech ADS-B Transponder in a HexCopter using a APM 2.6. The communication with the Transponder is RS-232. Has anyone attempted this in the past. Here is a bit of information on the Transponder.


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Navigation Light Control

Is there a simple way to control Navigational lights on and off using the APM 2.0? I would like to use a software switch to enable and disable the lights in flight.

any help or insight would be great.


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Quad Fell from the sky

Well I just got my new APM 2.5 and set up my new camera Quad. On the first real flight with the system at the RC field to start the tuning process the motors just stopped and down she came from ~10 ft in the air.

Here is what I have: X-550 frame

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Operate a Camera Gimbal via USB Joystick

I want to be able to us my USB Joystick as a Gimbal controller. 


Use a Logitech USB joystick connected to my GSC Computer. Use the Mission planner to program it to move the pan and tilt of the gimbal via my xBee Pro telemetry link. I do not want

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Antenna Tracking with Mission Planner

I was wondering if there was a simple built in way of streaming the GPS data of the plane out of Mission Planner into Plugin software to drive a RS-232 Antenna Tracker system? 

The info that is needed is Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude. I have a fri

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Flight surfaces go max roll and pitch down

I am haveing a wierd problem that I have not seen in the troublshooting.

I am new to this. I set up everything and all seem right. I launch the plane in manual and fly a bit. I then try Stable mode. At first it seems good but then all of a sudden it g

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