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Adaptive tuning Fuzzy PID controllers

Hello all,

For my MS thesis, i am proposing "Adaptive tuning Fuzzy PID controllers". Is this topic viable?

Secondly i would start off by simulating this in Matlab/ Simulink. For this i need to have Matlab / Simulink model of the PID controller for ardu

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Xbee 2.4 GHz problem

Today during the trial when i switched the Lipo on my hexa jdrones Arducopter, just after some seconds My Mission planner showed voltage less than 8.0 volts though i had plugged in my fully charged Lipo. I disconnected the Xbee Mission planner, took

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Indoor tethered testing Arducopter Hexa

It all started after an initial flip of Arducopter hexa when i was flying a month ago. Since then the intimidation of crash has restrained me to perform tethered flying, with two of the Hexa Arms tethered. I am using Arducopter Hexa 2.5.3 jdrones, 88

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APM Planner 1.1.58

Hi all, When i launch APM planner 1.1.58, the cmd line exe runs in the foreground whereas the GUI is in the minimize mode. The right click also don't operate on the minimized APM planner GUI window.What may be the problem? If i even manage to maximiz

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Motor response after a Lipo drain.

Recently i was bench testing my HexRotor during which i drained the Lipo battery. During the bench testing, when the 3S 6Ah nano tech lipo level reached at around 8 Volts (as shown on the mission planner via Xbee) the motor stopped. I dropped the thr

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Prop Installation Query

After pushing the washer into the propeller (12x4.5) hub recess, there is a space between the propeller and the lower aluminum part (shown in figure). I followed the arducopter wiki. Am i doing something wrong?


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Futaba 10 CHG 2.4 GHz Transmitter

Hello Every1,

Strange problem occurs when i switch off my Futaba 10 CHG while the Lipo is attached to Hexacopter. The throttle channel receives 100% and all the motors move to their fullest (very threatening). So the process i am following is disarm t

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Arducopter hexa X

Hi all,

plz tel me in arducopter hexa X, the first motor is on the right side OR the front right side of the APM? There seems to be a confusion: the wiki says its right side while in the "motors" test the front right side motor is the one that rotates

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