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HY-SRF05 Ultrasonic Sensor

I would like to know has anyone tried to use the HY-SRF05 ultrasonic sensor to read the reading using the one pin method ?
I have tried using the ping sample code in the Arduino IDE and have connect the trigger pin to digital pin 7 and echo pin to GND

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FPV Camera

I would like to know is there anyone that can recommend me a small FPV camera for my Quadrotor and preferably connected to a micro transmitter. This camera is use for normal video viewing on the ground when Quadrotor is flying.

I came across this FPV

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Sonar-Based Localization

I am currently using four SRF05 Ultrasonic Range Finder for obstacle avoidance on my Quadrotor. I would like to know is it possible to use this 4 ultrasonic range finder to do mapping/localizing in an indoor environment? Has anyone tried/done this be

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Arducopter 3DR Frame

Anyone know what is the dimensions (X centimetre, Y centimetre) of the main plate for the Arducopter 3DR? What is the length between the 2 screws on the arm that is attached to the main plate ?

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Reading distance from SRF05 range finder

I am currently able to read distance from the SRF05 range finder. However I faced a problem when the sensor is detecting distance of more than the maximum range which is 4metre. When this happen I will get a negative value. Is there a way to limit th

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IMU + compass

I would like to know where is the best place to put the IMU together with the compass on a Quadrotor to obtain data with minimum noise interference?

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Optical flow/mouse sensor

I would like to know how does a optical flow/mouse sensor go about stabilizing or controlling the position of a flying machine? Any useful links on optical flow/mouse sensor are also welcome.

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Auto take off and landing

I have a program which contains the auto take off and landing function in the Semi-Auto mode for my Quad using the APM board with the Sonar sensor LV EZ0. My approach is by sensing the height from the sonar sensor for the auto take off and landing.


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digital pins

3690865127?profile=originalI would like to know is the 40 digital pins from the Black, Purple and Yellow boxes ?


And I would like to know is the following two ports use in controlling UAV and what is the uses of this two ports ?

- ATMega 1280 (SPI/ISP port)

- PPM encoder (SPI/IS

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APM with Locosys 20031 GPS

I currently have a locosys 20031 gps. How do I connect to my APM board ? Is it through the gps port found on the APM? However the gps can only take in maximum 3.3v input voltage.

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DC motor with APM

I would like to know do I need any component to control a DC brushed motor because I currently have a ESC, DC brushed motor, APM.

Thanks .

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need help in brushed motor with ESC

i currently have a ardupilot mega board, brushed motor n ESC..I have connected brushed motor to the ESC. From ESC 3 wires to the output (OUT0 pin) of APM. I would like to know how to programme the ESC in order to control the speed n direction of the

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need help with ESC

I have a brushed motor connected to a ESC, from the ESC 3 wires (red, black, yellow) are connected to the output (OUT0) on the APM.

How do I go about programming the ESC in order to control the speed of the motor ?
How do I declare the pin number cos I

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connecting brushless motor to APM

i would like to know how do i go about connecting the brushless motor to the APM board?

i currently have a ESC 
2 wires going to +ve and -ve of brushless motor
3 wires (red, black, yellow) going to output 0 of APM board

2 wires going to battery - can i c

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ArduPilot Mega - Blinking LED

I would like to know whice pin should the LED be inserted if i want to blink a LED on the ArduPilot Mega board ?

Is there any digital, analog, PWM pin on the ArduPilot Mega board?  

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