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powering APM 1.0


i just recieved my APM 1.0 kit. i m just wondering how to power up this kit. do i need an additional battery for kit or the battery attached to the RC receiver would suffice. moreover, how do i connect battery attached to RC receiver to the rail o

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Ardupilot nosedive

Hi there

After having quite a few successful flights with the Ardupilot i decided to go a bit further away. When the plane got the first waypoint (i had lost the telemetry link) it nose dived straight into the ground but some how it corrected itself a

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9x and FrSky

Ok, I guess it's time I propose to the group about my interest in these two great componets and the Ardupilot. For a long time now I've been waiting for this to come to furation and it appears that it might, so I asking you guy's what you think about

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trouble with wing

Hi all


I am having troble with elevon set up

1 the wing is responding fine in manual mode

2 the wing is correcting properly in stabalize mode how ever when inputing a maual stick contol the elevator is moving when i give a aleron input same when giving

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Yaw Gyro mixing

Hi, I am a newbie with APM and I think I am missing something regarding yaw.

During some ground tests I see no response of the rudder to the yaw movement ( I meen something like a heading hold gyro behavior). Reading a lot on the forum I found nothing

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