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direction of turn mode AUTO

I want to thank the whole team for this wonderful project Diydrones. Today my first flight enhancement in AUTO mode.
I wonder if the turns in auto mode, the APM performs only in the sense of clockwise (right turn). missions can only be set at the turn

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Thank you !

To the developers, designers, code writers of this fine project.

My final test this morning was switching the Tx off, and watching the plane start, and complete a way point mission.

After the mission, it came back, and started circling launch.



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AUTO mode does not work

AUTO mode does not work

Hello everyone. I have scheduled a mission for my APM mounted on a skywalker, but when I put the auto mode, this is left circling home. any idea why not make themsion?

appreciate your help.

auto mode is at the end of the attachme

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Suitable plane in Europe

Hi guys,

   I am about to make the leap to the world of UAVs - I've done many Arduino projects, but none that fly.


I'm based in Ireland, adn I'm wondering if anyone in Europe can recommend a good plane, with enough lift to take the APM, GPS, speed sen

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