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RTL Results in Meteor Crater

Well, now it's my turn. After dozens, maybe hundreds of flights of my APM, today in my pre-fpv RTL test, the APM decided to throttle up to maximum, go max pitch, and plow deep into the earth, damaging or completely destroying everything on the quad.


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Can this affect level so badly?

So I bought one of these things (or one exactly like it), because once while learning fpv I backed into a tree and it took me a couple minutes to figure out which direction my quad was. No big deal, but I could see where it could possibly be a real b

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A suggestion for the 2.9.2 Release

I'll just be direct here, so as not to be overly long. 

The 2.9.1 forum thread is past 1600 posts, and I have no doubt it will hit 2000 posts shortly. 

The problem with that thread is that it's crushing under it's own weight. The same or closely relate

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Lipo SAG

How much Voltage Sag is normal?

I'm going round and round with various batteries trying to find one that doesn't sag so bad. 

What I'm talking about is; in flight, it seems most batteries will get down to 10v or so, but once I land it's right back up t

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Throttle and Alt-Hold PIDs

So I've been unhappy with how aggressive the throttle is on 2.8.1, plus my quad sinks, and climbs, and sinks and climbs, over and over. And I feel like I'm often giving it waaaay to much throttle just to hold altitude. 

So in the new Arducopter Pids s

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GPS Battery

Don't know if this is a stupid idea, but is it possible to solder up an battery to the little external gps connector to provide power to the on board gps, so it doesn't take so long to lock?

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SONAR Alt_Hold Issue Redux

After hijacking Kur's blog (sorry Kur), I tried to post my logs, but it appears if you post in a blog post, you can't post files. Anyways, here is my logs using ALT_Hold with a sonar. 

Note: I don't think anything is wrong with SONAR, but check out GP

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Can someone explain ROI a little bit?

This is what the wiki says:


Yaw tracking option ALtitude (in meters) Latitude Longitude

  • Setting will persist until reboot
  • The location is optional
  • The option is a number from 0 to 4
  • MAV_ROI_NONE = 0: Yaw will hold it's current angle

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Dang it. I've flashed this thing 15 times and it still comes up as ver 1.8. 

I've used different computers, different FTDI cards. Different usb cables, different usb ports. Each time I flash it, is says Done! Like it was successful.

Then all I get is;

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Help understanding what I did.

I put 5 or 6 way points into my Xcopter. Went and flew, and though I didn't fly the planned course, it did seem to head off towards waypoint 1 until I aborted and flew it back. All well and good.

But now at home, and using mission planner. When I trie

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