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Pixhawk hardware test

Hello everybody,

So a year later and this new pixhawk I purchased still has yet to work.

Unfortunately I have always had an issue with the board, it never accepted any rc signal. I've tried swapping the board out for a another one in my setup and it wo

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Older Versions of Arducopter firmware?

Hello folks,

My pixhawk hasn't worked since I last updated the firmware back in december (won't detect any rc signal)

So I'm looking to get the older firmware back in order to test it that will work again?

In a nutshell here is my current issue:

My Pixha

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Pre Arm Check Issue: Check FS_THR_value?

Hello Folks,

To continue my constant battle to get my Y6 going (which is literally becoming a living nightmare, that I'm beginning to regret purchasing more and more each day with all the constant problems).

So upon upgrading software I ran into many i

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