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What happened to position hold?

'hey guys, i have been using position hold for quite some time, it is the only mode which offers position fix x and z only, why has this been removed?

I allowed me to film exactly how i wanted to film, fast ascension whilst maintaining a fixed positio

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Arduopter loiter issues on octocopter

Hey guys i have an issue with my newly built octo, whenever I switch to loiter it cuts throttle and falls like a rock whist still leveling.

I need to know why it is behaving like this and how to fix it if anyone knows, i will also link the KMZ and log

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Archaic log system Overhaul

The current log system is poorly explained and well not great to be honest.

It is archaic in the way you have to access everything, now if i could code i would do something about it but i cannot, so i thought i would post here in the hopes someone e

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Idea! - Ardumega on a real airplane

IT would be cool if someone actually connected an ardumega to a real aircraft to demonstrate its potential, in fact i see no downsides besides having to implement the controls with servos or an equivalence.What are your guys ideas on this?If anything

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Explain the flight modes

I have found links on wiki and other sites partially describing the differing modes but they are quite cryiptic, can someone explain what each does.

There is as follows

Acro ? (i am unsure, need detail)

Alt hold (stabilize but holds alt)

Auto (flight pat

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Laser cut custom made frames.

I have almost exclusive access to a laser cutter and so designed my own frames and tested them out

here is one of them.

If you are interested in your own fram , i can make one for £5-£10 plus material depending on its design.

Just message me

I can post w

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