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X-3D Funpilot :

Hi there.

Here is my Funpilote based copter, so few thins home made here.




This is not a Arducopter plateform, butI like it. Mostly because this is real pilot stuff. Here are the features:

  • 376g without battery nor Gopro
  • The protective hull is from a Gaui

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cannot connect any more to my APM2 board

Hi there .

I just tried to connect to My APM2 usin APM planner 1.1.48 and connection failed every time.


Then I try connect in Terminal but cannot enter CLI mode, the board is initializing and then send all MAVLink info on the serial, but cannot enter C

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Configuraing Elevon Mixing on APM2


I have a Multiplex Xeno, and I succesfully  confugured Manual Mode (Radio elevon mixing), and the Stabilize mode respond correctly to pitch/roll perturbation (Elevon configuration in APM mission planer).

But the elevon input mixing changes betwe

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Arduplane Mode


I am looking into Arduplane Mode, and I noticed one mode might be missing: Manual&Filtered.

Several product exist to stabilize RC planes suche as the FY30A RC Gyro. I think it should be "just" a PID filter between inputs and outputs for Roll&Pit

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Log & Debug info


Last time I flew I noticed the PPM led stoped blinking 1 second. so I detected that the connector was faulty.

In the log I can See the GPS fix so tere are several things that I would like to be able to check in the log:

  • PPM signal "quality" or "a

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Language in APM planner

Hello all.

I recently notice that APM planner was translated in foreign language.

But it is hard for me to ave the interface in french, because i am used to Roll Pitch, throttle....

Is there a way to force the interface language to english ?

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Connectin Problem with APM planner 1.0.87


I updated APM planner to 1.0.87, and now when I try to connect to my board I got the following message


The french part of the message says: "Offset and length were out of bound for this array or the number is bigger than the element numbers of t

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PID Rate computation

I am wondering why rate PID is computed like this in STABILIZE mode

get_stabilize_roll(long target_angle)

   // Rate P:
    error         = rate - (long)(degrees(omega.x) * 100.0);
    rate         = g.pi_rate_roll.get_pi(error, G_Dt);


but like thi

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Motor Arming: should start turning

Hi I just experienced a situation which probably happened to most pilot, I land my copter, someone talk to me and I forgot to unarme the motors.

Then when I went to check the copter I accidently push a little the throttle. Nothing bad happen, but I re

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Stabilisation methode


I have a Arducopter integrated in a Gaui 500x (900g) and before I had a X-Ufo (500g)

As far as I understood, the first PI stabilisation loop, which is the only one used for ACRO mode should be the fastest and more responsive loop.

So far the most st

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Ardu copter In Gaui 500x frame


I integrated arducopter in a gaui 500x frame see the photo attached. It has :

  • 4 980 kV motors
  • 4 )18Amps ESC. integrated into the arms (the oones selling by Gaui for the 500x )
  • I use firmware 2.0.45
  • The Setting are the followings:


here are some photo

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Cannot do loop...


I was wondering why The arducopter could not do loops in ACRO mode?

When I try , The copter don't bend more than 80° and I must abord the loop and recover from this situation.

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Current ArduCopter2.0.39b PID Settings


Here are some statement I think are correct, the parameter name are from the APM planner V1.0.63, and the arducopter code from ArduCopter2.0.39b

  • Derivative term of all PIDs is now always set to 0
  • Parameters RATE_###_P, RATE_###_I: only impact ALL

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Motor LEDs Behaviours

Hi, I had a look at the codeof update_motor_leds(void), and I think it might be usefull to code some logic in order to have visual signification from these motor LEDs.

I will try this, which test Motor arming ang GPS lock. I have a quad in X configura

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Ardu copter first flight


My Name is Sylvain. I had a x-UFO for few years and it was a master piece of stability in ACCRO mode.

Now I integrated aarducopter in a gaui 500x frame see the photo attached. It has :

  • 4 980 kV motors
  • 4 hobbywings 18Amps ESC

So I installed 2.0.39 c

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