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APM 2.5 pinout

So I messed my FMU on my APM and no longer will use it as a flight controller.

I im going to end up using the APM for arduino projects im working on. Does anyone have an easy to read pinout for the AT2560 to APM layout?

I know of this schematic but im

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PPM channel mapping?

I have a 6 channel PPM receiver that I have connected to my pixhawk. I understand you can map channel 1 to 4 but I need to map channel 6 to 7.

I have no use for the options that come on channel 6 but channel 7 has auto tune and I need to trigger it.


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Cant geotag images no gps time/date.

I cant seem to geotag my images with mission planner.

When I do offset i this this:

1 Picture IMAG0666 with DateTime: 2015:10:10 17:51:04
1 GPS Log Msg: 0001:01:01 00:00:00
1 Est: 63580096264
2 Picture IMAG0667 with DateTime: 2015:10:10 17:51:06

Is there s

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GPS Glitch AC3.3-rc12

I have been having some strange GPS glitches and cant seem to figure out whats wrong.

Nsats drops to 0 and HDop goes to 100.

Luckily I have the dual GPS setup and the pixhawk falls back to the second GPS.

Can someone give me advice on the problem?

On a s

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Copter keeps rolling.

I have a problem with one of my hexa copters.

I took off today and found that it wanted to pitch to the right with me having to put full left stick to level the copter.

Looking at the logs it seems that when the copter it level and disarmed it keeps ro

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Optical flow on APM 2.5?

I have just installed a optical flow sensor on my APM 2.5. I would like some advice. First does the APM support it? I'm running v3.2 of the firmware.

I have it running and all the image testing and it seemed to work. I get an image in the python scrip

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