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question about waypoint planning

Hi Everyone:

    The mission I want to plan is like the followings:

    once I switch Auto on,

1. the arducopter will fly to the waypoint1 (33.420526,-111.9252348)

2. the arducopter will loiter at WP1 for 5 secs

3. after that the arducpter will fly to WP2

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about the part of code on auto landing

Hi Everyone:

I am looking at the arducopter 2.0.55 code, trying to know in detail how the auto landing works. The following is verify_land function.

I found it difficult to understand the blue sentences.  It says "land at 1 meter per second", but the f

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sonar reading problem

Hi Everyone:

    I use a MB 1200 sonar for my arducopter. I test the sonar in CLI mode. But I observed that the sonar reading is always around 608cm when I put the arducopter on the table. After that I detach the sonar from the arducopter but maintain

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APM cannot start

Hi All:

   I had a strange problem. Today I connected the APM to RC, PDB, sonar, xbee as usual ( I am sure in the correct way). I found when I pluged in the battery those blue and red leds were only on for a short time and off after that the apm becam

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APM output problem

I found one of my motors is always beeping ( the one connected to ch4 output, I did ESC and radio input calibration).

Then I measure the voltage of ch4 and chs 1,2,3 with transmitter off.

I found the voltage of ch4 is 1.7 volt lower than ch1,2,3. Is th

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