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Logging airspeed on 2.74 onwards...?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Andrew Rabbitt Feb 6, 2014. 2 Replies

Does anyone know which parameter group I can find airspeed to log (passively). I have looked in CTUN and NTUN but neither appear to have this listed. Any hints and tips here...?

APM in a 250

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob_Lefebvre Jan 20, 2014. 8 Replies

The crazy man in me is trying to stuff an APM into a cheapie HK250GT as a method to waste an inordinate amount of time. (and likely also money) It is a great lesson in weight reduction and…Continue

Arduino/Ardupilot IDE "hangs" whilst attempting to complie

Started this discussion. Last reply by Andrew Rabbitt Aug 9, 2013. 1 Reply

I'm trying to compile a (very) subtly modified version of Arduplane 2.74b using the IDE downloaded from the Arduplane website (1.0.3) but it hangs when I try to compile.  Actually, it doesn't hang…Continue

Mapping servo neutral and end points...?

Started this discussion. Last reply by SKYBORNE May 6, 2016. 6 Replies

Does anyone know any way of mapping the servo mid and end points that APM uses?I have modified elevons on my Skyfun which, unfortunately, have a limited down travel.  If the elevon servo forces it…Continue


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Andrew Rabbitt commented on Nicolai Valenti's blog post 50 MINUTE flight with my cargo drone video (with only a 3s 5200 mah)
"@Gordon, even if it has a box it still isn't a 50min cargo drone because cargo has to go somewhere, not hover in the air.  This is the Achilles heel of multirotors where power consumption is at its lowest whilst hovering and rises from…"
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post How do modern open source autopilots compare to aerospace-grade IMUs?
"Can I add in "supply chain" to the equation? One of the slight frustrations of the open source AP's is that in the rush to add the next great feature hardware is quickly made redundant and, eventually, unavailable. Compared with an…"
Jun 21
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Nvidia demos visual navigation on 3DR Iris+
"What's the ITAR status of this, given the US military can't jam it...?"
Jun 14
Andrew Rabbitt commented on elad orbach's blog post A MICRO RC PLANE BUILDER SHARES HIS TRICKS
"Disappointed there isn't a fully functional Merlin under the cowling..."
Feb 11
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Vince Tu's blog post Complete power system for giant quadcopters
"Is DIYD turning into Exchange and Mart...? Not sure that this is an appropriate place for an advert.  I hope the moderators stomp this out before it becomes the norm."
Feb 2
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Udo Zillmann's blog post Producing Energy with Drones - Wind Drones
"If you paired drones on the same tether with the ground-based "pulley" between them being the generator, you wouldn't have to spool a drum in and out but rather fly one high whilst diving with the opposite, as necessary.  It…"
Dec 30, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Joe Renteria's blog post Static thrust optimized EDFs
Dec 18, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Joe Renteria's blog post Static thrust optimized EDFs
"Here's the Lotus Lada..."
Dec 18, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Measuring airspeed without an airspeed sensor
"Interesting result Curt.  I suspected that high speed may still be an issue.  If you added throttle position/motor power and propeller speed, you may improve the accuracy at the high end by giving it a signal it can work with.…"
Dec 17, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Measuring airspeed without an airspeed sensor
"No Bojan, this has nothing to do with INS."
Dec 17, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Measuring airspeed without an airspeed sensor
"Curt said: Curt, If you could try re-running the RBF training with only three independent variables of vertical acceleration (perpendicular to thrust vector, if possible), pitch rate and elevator position it would be very interesting to see how well…"
Dec 17, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Rob_Lefebvre's blog post Procyon 800E Enters Limited Production
"Nice work Rob.  I wish you much success!"
Dec 16, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Measuring airspeed without an airspeed sensor
"Hi Curt, My thoughts on choosing vertical acceleration were that lift force is proportional to the square of IAS so, by the time you take elevator position and pitch rate - all directly measurable - you've basically "eliminated all the…"
Dec 15, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Measuring airspeed without an airspeed sensor
"(response cross posted from Curtis's blog) Awesome work Curt! Curious why you chose bank angle though. I would suggest vertical acceleration in the aircraft coordinate reference frame would yield a closer approximation and be less dependent on…"
Dec 15, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Ellen Zhu's blog post Skywalker X5-PRO Professional Mapping Survey FPV Plane
"@Dwgsparky, swept flying wings will always tend to stall at the wing tip first and having inboard elevons only exacerbates this problem towards high AoA.  It's pretty much the limiting characteristic for maximum lift (or CLmax) which…"
Dec 6, 2016
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3D printed planes finally get practical
"The 3Dlabprints guys have done an amazing job and I'm sorely temped with the P38, but their work has inspired me in the mean time to have a crack at printing my wing design, which I'll post about shortly.  Printing is underway…"
Dec 6, 2016

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About Me:
Mechanical Engineer with more than a decade in electronic engine control development and application in the OEM sphere. I am a lapsed PPL(A) and currently an experimental aircraft builder (Van's RV-8). UAV's are a fascinating diversion from rivetting...
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
Inspired by press articles earlier this year on near-space ballooning, I would like to one day send a UAV glider aloft for a positionable return to land. I'm sure others have similar ideas.
Melbourne, Australia (sometimes)

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Andrew Rabbitt's Blog

Climb-Glide: Improving the range of fixed-wing, electric UAVs

Posted on September 18, 2016 at 12:56am 21 Comments

A climb-glide routine can potentially yield a useful increase in range compared with the same airframe/propeller/motor combination operating straight-and-level at best range speed point or best endurance point respectively.

Let me explain briefly with graphs of the results how I have…


Exploring the secrets of flying wing design with CFD.

Posted on July 28, 2015 at 9:36pm 44 Comments

The flying wing design I have been working on for some time now has been slowly evolving as I have learned more about aerodynamics and expanded my skill set with modelling tools of various forms.  I have recently completely re-surfaced my design with new aerofoil sections and better, more consistent surface…


Wing lift distribution presentation

Posted on March 27, 2015 at 12:50am 11 Comments

A very interesting and thought provoking explanation of why the conventional wisdom of elliptical lift distribution needs rethinking.  Interesting for lovers of fixed-wing but also might be applicable for propellers and rotors...?

Digital flight control research from the '80s

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 4:25am 11 Comments

I tripped over this on my suggested links and thought it might be of interest to the DIYD crowd.  Fascinating to see an original Macintosh being used as a ground station!

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At 6:15am on February 11, 2012, Paul Marsh said…

Oops.  Wrong URL in my PM to you.  Try this:


At 6:32am on June 17, 2013, Acorn said…

Andrew - Thank you for commenting on my BLOG DIY Passive Gimbal.

How about whacking four free-spinning electric motors on it? One flanking each axis? Just so it is balanced. Would they cancel eachother out? Or would making them spin CW / CCW to each other be better?

At 5:57pm on November 20, 2013, Justin Martin said…

Hello Andrew! Thanks for the support, and offer. I will definitely keep you in mind if anything comes up. The Idea behind the albatross is open. By this I mean, it has specific goals and design elements, however in the long run I would truly like innovations to be customer based. For instance, If customers started laser cutting their own internal storage shelves/formers, and/or other mods, such as a dome/nose adapter.

If the Pro version every comes to be, I will definitely be needing some specific arts, such as retaining clamps and rings for easy quick-release style components.

At 8:01am on April 23, 2015, Paul Meier said…

Hi Andrew

I have seen your pic of the qx 100 teardown. I want to teardown my qx 10 but before I do may I ask do you think it is possible to soldier a connection on where the shutter button is (on the flexible printed circuit) and then use pixhawk to trigger ?

Many thanks in advance,


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