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New Multicopter "Navigator Series" Motors

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cyrus M Nov 8, 2012. 2 Replies

   As some may know on this site I am a staunch user of Tiger Motors.  Out of all the motors I have used on my copters these have offered the best quality and performance for the money.  They have…Continue

Dorji DRF4431F27

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jake Stew Jul 7, 2012. 3 Replies

Just purchased a set of these modules off of ebay for cheap.  Starting to delve into setting up my own means of communication.  Been using xbees', but I want to learn how to configure other low  cost…Continue

APM 2 board shematic?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Monroe King May 28, 2012. 4 Replies

Does anyone have an eagle file or such of the APM 2 layout? Has one been released yet? Would like to know more about how the board is mapped without having to break my scope and board out every time…Continue

Linear Acuators for Camera Gimbals

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jordan Weier May 29, 2012. 1 Reply

I am looking to lighten my overall flight load and increase efficiency on my plane.  I looking into various low current and low voltage actuators.  I spotted…Continue

Tags: Acutator, Linear, Triggering, Gimbals, Camera


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Latest Activity

Todd Hill commented on Jose Luis Cortes's blog post 2 hours and 5 minutes test flight with maximum takeoff weight
"No doubt traditional helis' still hold the belt when it comes to flight time and payload.  I've flown gas helicopters with 2.1m rotors and multis with 28" blades, and the large gas helis' are far more intimidating and…"
Nov 21
Todd Hill replied to Dan Jacob's discussion Is it possible to install larger motors and ESC's on a low-power quad?
"I used the Solo because of my familiarity to the hardware and software its derived from.  The Solo was "intended" to be a hack-able quad, and it is to a degree.  The phantom I am uncertain of, but I do believe it is possible. You…"
Nov 10
Todd Hill replied to Dan Jacob's discussion Is it possible to install larger motors and ESC's on a low-power quad?
"Sure it is.  Can't do it with every setup, but it is possible.  If you can pick up a Solo for less than 400 it can actually be cheaper than buying RC transmitter, flight controller, and video down link separately.  I've been…"
Nov 10
Todd Hill replied to Scott Raber's discussion Developer seeking involvement in Obstacle avoidance system dev
"@scott, check out, as that is where you will find the lead developers of the project roaming.  Maybe paste your post here, and here.  Those are the perhaps the two biggest developer discussion forums you will find…"
Oct 27
Todd Hill commented on Hugues's blog post 1h:15min flight time - Airbotservices X4 with brushless gimbal & fullHD camera on 12mm rail system
"This is how i joined tubes on a different frame.  Once joined and bonded I mounted it to a plate with four non-ferrous screws.  Nylon bolds would work just as well.    "
Oct 26
Todd Hill commented on Hugues's blog post 1h:15min flight time - Airbotservices X4 with brushless gimbal & fullHD camera on 12mm rail system
"Great job! Testament to how much the tech has developed in the last couple of years. Few years ago I was fixated on going screw-less as well.   I tinkered around with a few ideas, but the hardware tech wasn't where its at today (obvious…"
Oct 25
Todd Hill replied to Raam Sundar's discussion 8 kg payload with multirotor in the group Agricultural UAVs
"I have tried the Dualsky motors.  They are really good quality for price.  I'm not sold on any particular brand of motor.  I've learned through years of experience that higher cost doesn't always translate to better…"
Jun 9
Todd Hill replied to Raam Sundar's discussion 8 kg payload with multirotor in the group Agricultural UAVs
"You are obviously doing something wrong then.  The 170KV on 14S 80A ESCs' on a 12S Lipo turning 22" props barely gets warm in 80+ degree ambient temperatures Matt.  KDE are way over priced for what they are.  "
Jun 9
Todd Hill replied to Raam Sundar's discussion 8 kg payload with multirotor in the group Agricultural UAVs
"Also, if you are wanting to run big motors and props on a 6S setup you should check out the Dualsky XM9010HD-6 300KV motors.  "
Jun 8
Todd Hill replied to Raam Sundar's discussion 8 kg payload with multirotor in the group Agricultural UAVs
"You should really be using a 12S setup for those U8 motors.  You will need to get the blade speed up on them to get the best performance from the flight controller.  You should also notice a bump in efficiency as well.  "
Jun 8
Todd Hill commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Is our Hobby Doomed?
"Technology is a double edged sword in our case.  It is in the industries interests to see the boundaries of whats possible with drones pushed to the limits.  The industry needs buyers, buyers who increasingly more often than not are…"
May 31
Todd Hill commented on Chris's blog post Queen B Robotics introduces the Exo360! 5 integrated 4K cameras for the ultimate VR experience
"Even if the GPU wasn't an issue you've got four image sensors that jut out past the arms with their lenses fixed at the tips.  Hope they are planning on incorporating an easy way for the user to replace them, cause I really don't…"
May 31
Todd Hill replied to Rich B's discussion Pixhawk vs Pixhawk 2?
"Totally agree with Nico on the PXF mini.  The lack of an rc io co-processor was a deal breaker after using the Erle 1 and the Navio+.  The inability to vary the frequencies on the outputs greatly diminishes their utility. I also found the…"
May 4
Todd Hill replied to Philip's discussion What is Pixhawk 2? in the group Pixhawk 2 User Group
"@Philip, is there anyway to get one of the prototype carrier boards, or a schematic? "
Apr 13
Todd Hill commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 360-degree VR, sense and avoid, tracking and more with Viooa add-on for Solo
"+1 that Patrick! "
Apr 6
Todd Hill commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Clash of the Titans, DJI sue Yuneec
"This is the first time I ever heard the name Yuneec.  Not sure if its the same exact company.  I also think they made a small rc toy coaxial helicopter that looked like a spaceman around the same time as the video. If I am not mistaken,…"
Apr 2

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About Me:
Been building and flying just about anything you can put a controller on. Started when I was twelve and haven't put it down since. If I have the tools I can build it. If I don't have the tools I will make them too. I am also a proud combat veteran.
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
I currently run a small business that works on designing, building, and operating various types of small UAS.
Florence, AL

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Mans best friend...A Drone!

Posted on December 19, 2012 at 12:30pm 14 Comments

If there is anything I look forward to more than updates from Darpa, its updates from Boston Dynamics.  They are really doing some pretty innovative things in the way of robotics there, and yet here is another example.  My arducopter is jealous.  

Futaba T8J Transmitter Mode Selection

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 10:30am 8 Comments

Just thought I would share my Arducopter mode setup on my new Futaba T8J, as this can be a bit of a headache for newcomers.  The new T8J radio is my new favorite transmitter.  It offers a lot of features that was only offered on the 8FG, but at a fraction of the price.  It doesn't utilize FASST, rather S-FHSS.  With the…


Talk about creepy cool!

Posted on October 24, 2012 at 10:00am 8 Comments

Atlas is getting a lot smarter.  He doesn't fly, yet this is still impressive.  


A Work in Progress

Posted on October 8, 2012 at 9:30am 9 Comments



It has been some time since my last blog post.  I have kept myself busy with work and projects.  For the last couple of years I have been working on trying to develop an airframe that combines aesthetics with functionality.  Some may remember some of my previous blog posts where I presented my attempts this.  

I have never been satisfied with most of the kits offered through other retailers.  They all seem to incorporate the same parts and means of…


Comment Wall (9 comments)

At 7:32am on October 29, 2010,
Mark Colwell
Please re-post your web site as it was removed by Ning when I approved your membership request, Are you in Florence CO or Italy?
At 10:24pm on August 20, 2011, Daniel Hibben said…

sorry i just got your message,

yes please mold me a body also let me know cost and preferred way of paying and i will get that out to you as soon as i can thanks as far as size the standard dimensions you gave of 300mm x 180mm if i remember correctly sounds great, this will have more then enough room in it


At 7:11pm on September 26, 2011,
Michael Pursifull

Is this the ublox? And ublox adaptor? If so, I encourage you to give the battery-backed ublox adaptor a try, if you don't mind giving store.diydrones a second chance. The battery-backed unit allows faster fixes for the ublox. I have two of them. 


I cut a tiny bit of foam, about 1mm thick, and push it between the adaptor and GPS unit, makes for better fitting for me. Some people use hot glue to get a level mating. The boards only connect at one point, so they can "leaver" a bit with the connector as the axis. 

At 5:18pm on May 21, 2013, WileyESurveyor said…

Todd If U would be So Kind as to Share some of  UR Knowledge, Relative Constructing  an EBEE DIY Unit, I would be most appreciative. Life Long Photo Analysts and Mapper. University of Colorado. Surveying Since the Age of 10. Was Scheduled to head to Taiwan in the Next few Weeks to Seek Components for My Build from some Old Friends.

Thanx in Advance

Wiley :-)

At 10:07am on May 25, 2013, WileyESurveyor said…
Todd: Thanx for the Response !!!! What I am attempting to do is Create a Skywalker X8 Based Aerial Mapping Drone that will be on a Par with or Exceed the Capabilities of the
EBEE System. As you had Noted, and I agree, the EBEE at the $12,500.00 Price Level is WAY Out of Line. The Cost could be Lowered to the $2,500.00 to $3,500.00
Price Range based on off the shelf components. I have been associated with Aerial Mapping for Our Government from the Ground Control to the Satellites, and
have served as the Tech. Assistant the Chief of the Defense Mapping Agency, now known as NRO. Wish I still had Access to the Unlimited Budget.
So my Goal is to Create a Drone Aerial Mapping Platform Based on the Skywalker X8, as the Base Frame, that will be Equal or Outperform the EBEE System.
Any Links, Info.Sources, Blogs, etc. that you may have already discovered would be of Great Assistance.
I am currently working on a 600+ Acre Project for a Group from Taiwan and will be heading to their HQ in a Few weeks. While there, my plan was
to seek out some of the Manufacturing Contacts, that may have ties to Main Land China, as a Components Resource Supplier.
But with your Help and Knowledge, I will be better versed on what components to seek and which will be worth concentrating on.
In my opinion the X8, due to it's capacity, would serve as the Most suitable Platform for the Aerial Mapping Task. But if you know of any other Platform that would be more
stable and have the capacity to carry the variety of sensor's Etc. that are going to be needed please let me know.
At the End of the Day my Goal is to Create and "Affordable" Drone Aerial Mapping Solution for the Poverty Stricken Surveyors who are Always the "Tail of the Dog".
Thanx in Advance for Your Advice & Assistance
At 10:18pm on February 13, 2014, David Erling Howard said…
HiTodd, thanks for the prompt response. I saw you pictures with the futaba settings and I I was hoping for more of the same. Such as any reversed switches or auxiliary channel settings etc... I am setting up my pix hawk and am having some difficulty with 3 motors not starting and I am no expert at programing the t8j. I thought I was when I went through similar problems with my wookong m. Also, what function does that mix do? I'm not familiar with the mix settings but I want to learn about it all but I need practical examples not just a procedure. The other photo showed the settings for the "ger" to be set at 45 and 50, or something like that. What do those settings do? I've also learned that I need to set my throttle input to 1000 max, and I need to figure out how to do that too.
thanks for your time.
At 8:16am on July 28, 2014, pma_ said…


I got information that you installed arducopter on AUAV-X1, I tried myself and doesn't work.

After successfull installation via MP, MP cannot connect MAVlink to AUAV-X1.

Any idea?



At 9:33am on July 28, 2014, Todd Hill said…

Install the PX4 middleware for quad first via Qground.  Once you do this you can then use the mission planner to install Arducopter.  This is the easiest method without compiling it manually.  

At 7:31am on December 3, 2014, yariv hellden said…
Hey todd! I'm impressed over the Y 6 that I assume you have built. Does your business have a website I can check? Thanks

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