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Crash analysis: plane pitches down in FBWA

Started this discussion. Last reply by Martin Oct 6, 2013. 1 Reply

I had another crash today. I started the flight in manual mode and switched to FBWA when I had gained some altitude. The plane felt really sluggish. Turn radius was very large and the plane kept…Continue

Tags: analysis, crash

An alternative to 3DR radios?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Henri Mar 30, 2014. 49 Replies

HiI was just looking around for 868 MHz 500mW radios when I stumbled upon this radio -->…Continue

Rudder servo offset in FBWA

Started this discussion. Last reply by Søren Kuula Aug 31, 2013. 2 Replies

I have an APM 2.5 running Arduplane 2.74b. I have the autopilot mounted upside down. I have already changed the relevant setting and re-leveled the plane.So, my problem is that when I switch to FBWA…Continue

Yaw pids greyed out in MP 1.2.73

Started this discussion. Last reply by Martin Sep 2, 2013. 4 Replies

HiI'm running MP 1.2.73 and for some reason the yaw pid settings are greyed out. I've erased and reset the eeprom, but yaw pid settings are still greyed out in MP. I'm wondering if this is a bug in…Continue


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Martin commented on YC's blog post iPad LCD as Displayport monitor
"Similar controllers are widely available. This one is with HDMI input."
Apr 17
Martin commented on Joe Renteria's blog post Tilt rotor/SLT hybrid
"Unfortunately the requirements for for forward flight and hovering a very different. For forward flight the thrust needed equals to the the drag of the airframe, which is a lot less then the thrust needed for hovering. It is very inefficient to use…"
Feb 23
Martin commented on Alex's blog post Nimbus racing drone – full body carbon fiber monocoque on INDIEGOGO
"@earthpatrol, you definitely don't want to leave a naked carbon fibre composite just stting in the sun for a long time. The temperature of the part can easily reach over 100 deg C. During flight the airflow should be enough to cool the airframe."
Dec 6, 2016
Martin replied to Vincent Diallo-Nort's discussion Drone that can carry 718 grams sensor and be under 2kg
"A Phantom 3 without the gimbal should fit the bill."
Nov 5, 2016
Martin commented on Joe Renteria's blog post Pivotwing VTOL airframe update
"I think Rainer K. might be right about the transition. If the transition happens before the vertical velocity gets too high it might be possible, but the transition should be fairly quick."
Oct 5, 2016
Martin replied to Peter Everett's discussion Pixhawk longevity?
"The failure rate for electronics is high is high at first, then goes down and then goes up again in time. So, if the flight controller has not failed in the first few months of use you shouldn't have anything to worry about for many years to…"
Aug 4, 2016
Martin replied to hugo delaroux's discussion Help choosing a drone for mapping 50-200 km² of mountain (2000m to 4000m altitude)
"1. The project is doable. 2. I would suggest using a plane. 50- 200 km^2 is going to take a really long time with a multicopter, especially in the mountains. pix4d is totally ok. 3. You can get away not ground control points if you use an RTK…"
Aug 4, 2016
Martin replied to Tom Moore's discussion V-tail sizing example - but is it correct?
"Here's the paper I was talking about --> and also…"
Jun 28, 2016
Martin replied to Tom Moore's discussion V-tail sizing example - but is it correct?
"Usually the volume coefficients are used as an input not some percentages of the wing area. There coefficients you arrived seem ok to me, but they really depend upon how you would like the plane to behave. There's an article in the RC Soaring…"
Jun 24, 2016
Martin commented on Hugues's blog post Sony QX10 mod for remote wire shutter trigger
"1/100 shutter speed is not nearly enough. With a canon s100 I can take excellent photos with 1/1000 shutter and IS0 100 on a non-cloudy day. "
Jun 15, 2016
Martin commented on Hugues's blog post Sony QX10 mod for remote wire shutter trigger
"Increasing the ISO is not a very good idea. The sensor is small as it is. Cranking the ISO will make the images very noisy. Your experience only reinforces my point that the camera is not suitable for aerial photography except when you have a…"
Jun 13, 2016
Martin commented on Jose Alberto Soler's blog post Airstring is live on Kickstarter
"From my experience GPRS telemetry and Mission Planner do not get along. There timeouts built into MP are shorter than the latency of the GPRS connection."
May 18, 2016
Martin commented on benbojangles's blog post New Raspberry Pi camera
"@Jesse Millwood, Could you also take measurements after shielding the ribbon cable with copper (or aluminium) foil/tape?"
Apr 28, 2016
Martin replied to Mark Omo's discussion Inexpensive ready to fly mapping plane in the group ArduPlane User Group
"Pick something from here --> Almost no building required and you only have to tune Pixhawk once. Even if you pay someone to build and tune the planes it will be…"
Apr 27, 2016
Martin commented on benbojangles's blog post New Raspberry Pi camera
"@Randy, the linked product only extends the ribbon cable using an HDMi cable. Shielding the cable should help a bit. Some RC action cameras using ribbon cables have also had problems with interference. Shielding the cable with copper or aluminium…"
Apr 25, 2016
Martin replied to befinitiv's discussion 3+km HD FPV system using commodity hardware
"Things have changed a bit since I posted here. The issue was with the gstreamer plugin. They are using an open source plugin now, which has more features. I have not looked at the new plugin yet though. The problem with the h264 encoder before was…"
Apr 13, 2016

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I am mainly interested in aircraft design.

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At 12:04am on June 10, 2015, Gisela & Joe Noci said…

Hello Martin,

Martin, no, we have not done large areas with our SurVoyeur system. It tends to become impractical depending on the required GSD. For example, with a 22mpixel camera, APSC format sensor, 22mm lens, you would achieve around only 10cm GSD at 300m. AGL. 10cm would result in around 15cm ( at best) processed GSD. At this GSD you would fly 3 to 4 legs per km width of area, giving say 40 legs in a 10km wide area. If 10kmx10km, the the legs are 10km long, so that is around 400km to typical speeds of 15ms for best time in the air, ( around 54km/h), that's 7.5hours of flight. Many batteries, moving to a new launch point to start the next sequence of legs, etc....

In addition, sunlighting of the area changes considerably in that time, and shadows change etc, not great.

For areas like that we use a Piloted fixed wing plane ( Jabiru..) fitted with a 36Mpixel camera and we have developed flight software that displays the flight plan and paths on a Tablet, and then provides the Pilot flight ques to direct him onto track, height and speed, both visually and audibly..



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