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Rudder control for kontiki

Hi all,

I want to install a rudder on to my kontiki, which is like a submarine which floats on the surface and takes a fishing line out to sea.

I am thinking of using an apm 2.8 with gps (because thats what i have) to drive a 20kg servo. The gps should

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MAP - Pro, USV Autopilot

Thought i would share this with you all, this may be helpful for those looking to build larger surface vessel. this product apparently costs as much as a regular Marine Autopilot but provides Autonomous capabilities to the entire boat including throt

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What kind of sonar is best for boat?

Hi,I developed a boat use the pixhawk for auto control,I had test the sonar(model:I2C-MB1212),It's so bad,sometimes the sigal is off and on,I think maybe the I2C is suffered interfere.

Who can give me a suggestion? what kind of the sonar's sigal is be

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Bait boat- new project

Hi all

My name is Cristian and I m from Roumania.

First of all excuse my poor english and congratulations for this technical forum.

I started 2 weeks ago a new project with a autopilot Pixhawk/Px4 2.4.6.Everything went well ,I mean wiring and MP connect

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boat turn with a "S" tack

I test my boat yesterday, if distance between two points is short, there will be a "S" track. i tuned the following parameters but has no effect.



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