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Can I use I2C splitter for adding Sensors?

I know that I2C splitter can accept digital sensors like Airspeed ,, Compass , GPS , Leds , USB

I need to add RPM Sensor to pixhawk , Can I use I2C for that ?

Dose the I2C accept any digital Data ? OR just special Sensors ?

My problem is that I need to

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RC plane Parachute tool and configuration

Hi all ,

I see that the Arduplane and Pixhawk support the Parachute setting ,

I have Plane similar to skywallker and I need to setup Parachute . but I don't know where to start .

Can you help in where I can find suitable Parachute for my plane with weig

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Relay switch for Gopro camera !!

Hi all ,

I need to hack Camera go pro to control throw pixhawk

I remove the power switch cover of the camera and connect it with two wires ( when connect them together ) for 3 second the camera ON when do it again the camera of .

Now Can I connect them

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how to connect G-3D Gimbal with pixhawk ?!!

Hello all ,

I have G-3D Gimbal controller from walkera and I want to attach it with pixhawk ( actually its chines pixhawk called pixhack ) but it's similar to pixhawk . 

I tried to connect the wires from the gimbal to pixhawk put when I power the gimba

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Arduplane and Sensors ?

Hi all ,,

I am using Arduplane with my gas plane ,

I want to include some sensor such as

RPM sensor .

Fuel level sensor.

Motor Temp Sensor.

I need to add them to pixhawk and control them from mission planner .

Is there any information about this ?

How to ?


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What differents in AirSpeed Sensor ?

Hi All ,

I have tested my plane with one Airspeed sensor MPXV7002DP Also wrote on it "CY" and "K1419"

and It works fine in Auto mode and every thing is ok .


know I use another Airspeed MPXV7002DP

but wrote on it "CV" and "K1419" the thir

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9xTend + pixhawk connection !!

Hello all ,

I just get Digi 9xTend 900 Mhz and I want to connect it to my pixhack ( chines pixhawk )


I can't configure the 9xTend and connect it to the XCTU software using TTL ,

the pin out of the 9xTend is :

pin 1= GND

pin 2 = VCC

pin 3 = GP02/RX LED

pin 4

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EKF errors !!

hi all

I am still in the ground and I have many error messages in HUD screen in mission planner , 

such as :

- "Bad AHRS" even after I did all calibration ,

- "Bad Compass Health " I did calibration .

- " Error Compass Variation "

- position errors

when I p

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Plane can't flow the waypoint path

Hi all ,

I am happy that my plane start to work in auto mode , but still facing some problems . 

I tested my plane with auto mode and it seem to works good , with control altitude and throttle while using airspeed ,

I set 5 waypoint with 100m distance f

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Error : THR channel Out in Auto mode Zero

Hi all ,

come back again with Question that I think It will solve my problem , 

I connect My pixhack system with GPS as RC receiver and connect it to Mission planner , 

ArduPlane V3.4.0 (3aa9eb0c)
PX4: c4f39028 NuttX: d48fa307
PX4v2 002E0034 31345102 3135

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Auto & Loiter Mode always Losing Altitude - Log Attached

Hi All ,


-          Flight controller : PIXHACK

-          GPS Ublox

-          MiniOSD


-          GCS : Mission Planner.

-          Firmware : Arduplane 3.4


After previous tests and posted topics here I solve the problem of pitch

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Plane gose CRAZY always Big pitch up + log

Hi all , Come back again after test,

Hardware :

My Own plane , similar to Skywallker ,

Flight controller : Pixhack CUAV .

GPS : Ublux 7

other additional tools ,

Software :

Firmware : Arduplane 3.4

 GCS : Mission Planner.

with out AirSpeed , throttle cruise 60

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Auto Mode Without Airspeed ??

hello all

I Hop to find real useful information and solutions .



 - APM 2.6 ( also test with Pixhack )

 - GPS ublox

 - MiniOSD



 - Mission planner 1.3.32

 - Arduplane Firmware 3.4

I test the Auto mode in the flight but when I c

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