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Need help with Ardu 3DR Esc setup!

So I just got the 3dr quad copter but im having issues getting the escs to calabrate?

Ive tried Auto calabration and manual more than twice each, and I cant get the motors respond after calabration? Durring the ESC calabration the motors will spin up,

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Choosing an ArduCopter?

Hello, I am trying to research ArduCopters for my next UAV, but Im not sure whats the differance between the ArduCopter V1 with motors $326, and the ArduCopter 3DR with motors $295?

Im not sure what kind of battery, motor size, or props I need either.

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I was sitting in the hanger today thinking about I can use $600 a apm Uav, to preform a job
 a multithousand $ aircraft dose…
Could I start a small business performing arial advertising using a apm Uav system?

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Pond Racer UAV

Hello!I would like to build scaled down version of the Experimental Pond Racer.I believe it is a Swedish designed aircraft built and designed to win air races!At first glance it resembles a P-38 but much smaller.The Pond Racer is a twin engine aircra

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Adru-Tank Mini Ripsaw concepts

Hello,I want to build a about a 3ftunmanned long, 2 and a half foot wide mini ripsaw style Uav tank powered by apm!Will feature autonomous navigationAutonomous target aqusision and engagement via "paintball sentry"Long range fpv and remote computingS

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