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Tri yaw problems

Hi guys I have just finished building a Tri for a change (custom) and have put my APM 2 on it. I connected to mission planner and updated firmware with the correct Tri firmware.I also installed the props as per the wiki so I shouldn't need to change

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Erasing Log files

Hi there simple question but I have loads of log files built up i have to scroll through to get to the latest ones so wondered if and how I delete them. I am using 3Dr telemitry so presume they are on my computer not my APM2. Is it just a simple case

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Disconnecting when in terminal

I am trying to view flight logs and when i go into terminal it disconnects from mission planner each time. This happens before i can hit enter 3 times to put it into cli mode. everything else functions ok but not this. I must be doing something wrong

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Can't detect AMP firmware.

Just got my board back as was faulty from new and now it does install via USB so I have it connected to my computer. The problem now is when I try and load the arducopter firmware as instructed in the manual, it says can't detect firmware and to chec

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Cant get APM 2 to install drivers

Having a problem with my new APM 2 board. I have installed mission planner as per instructions and that went fine. I then plug in my APM 2 vie a usb cable and it says cant find driver,so i manually look for the driver in the device manager browser wi

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