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FPV Video using APM2 ?

Is anyone using the APM2 for FPV and creating some nice video?

If so, could you post a link to your best video so far?  

Or maybe you know someone that has made a nice video using the APM2 and if so could you share the link.

Thank you in advance,


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Flying with Minimum OSD and one battery

I am hoping someone can share a schematic of their system running min osd with one flight battery :)

I have read somewhere it is possible with clear video reception,  but I have also read of folks toasting their min OSD. 

Thank you in advance :)


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An APM Analyzer/Tuner

An APM Analyzer/Tuner?


"What if "..... What if we had a whole additional computer to analyze and tune our APM's for us?


Can't we design a computer to "feel" the oscillations drift etc. better then we can feel or see it? Can't a computer make the micr

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First Person View Flying Instruction Manual

First Person View Flying Instructions

I'm looking for some practical ideas from those with FPV experience in "How To fly FPV".

Maybe you have learned the hard way and wish someone would have told you a few key things which would have helped you tremend

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Frying new Minimum OSD boards ~

I don't want to fry my new Minimum OSD board but I also don't want to carry two batteries around.  It appears that folks are frying their boards by not using two separate power sources. Is this correct?  If so, maybe someone could explain to me why t

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Wacky Voltage readings and difficult setup

I do not understand why we need to measure the voltage from the ESC's to calibrate the sensor.  I don't even power my APM with the ESC's. Maybe that is why I am having such a hayday getting an accurate voltage reading? I use a separate BEC with filtr

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missing video frames in Mission Planner -

Why would we be missing video frames in mission planner?  

In other words, while running mission planner with the video system, we get a very choppy live video.  It appears we are getting only a few frames a second.   ~ makes for a very choppy picture

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throttle issue ~ 1 notch up & 1 notch down

So what is the answer? ~ It seems like most of the quads I have built ~ no matter what motor or configuration - I run into this same situation ~ And I have read others having the same problem ~  

1 notch on the throttle the quad goes up ~ and one notc

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Mission planner .avi file resolution

I am curious about the video resolution of the .avi files that can be recorded and saved in the mission planner log directory.

The resolution of these .avi files appears to be no where near the quality of the camera I am using.  Are the files purposef

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We are trying to determine if the Sonar has the capability to hold the elevation less then 1 meter.  We are  attempting to get it to hold things around 30 cm.

When we use the testing routine in the CLI, it appears the sonar starts measuring pretty acc

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Optical Flow

I just did the micro solder job installing the optical flow sensor :)

And now I am looking for the latest and best instructions on testing and checking things out.  

Does anyone have a success story to share? :)

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Low Dropout Regulator 5V 1A

I am not an electrical engineer and so I could use some help here.

We are a bit concerned about the speed controls pumping too much voltage into our APM2.

It appears our ESC's are outputting nearly 6 volts.  Is this too much?

We started looking at some

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Connecting a MEGA to a MT3329 :)

Hi, just having fun and learning !~~!

Has anyone been successful connecting a arduino MEGA to a MediaTek MT3329 GPS?

OR  can some wizard type figure the code and connection that works?

I'll be happy to test it for you :)

both sold on diydrones see links


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