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CG not able to center.. Any Options???

Are there any settings to tell the flight controller it is not at the CG?
I have a small copter, and when using some large batteries, cannot get the CG centered. 
It fly's fine, if I can get it off the ground....   Literally, seriously, if I can get t

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Manually set ESC end points

I'm having trouble programming an ESC via the automatic stick up/down, etc method. 

I found I could manually set the end points in the blheli suite.  My values worked great for being connected directly to the receiver.  But, they're not quite right w

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CG settings, or best practices

I've got a small 250 sized copter, and can't get the CG centered.  It's about 10mm to the rear. 

It flies fine, and if I take off quickly, everything works properly.   If I try to take off slowly, it flips over to the heavy side. 

Are there any arduc

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I've got a small quad and can't get my CG centered.  My flight controller is centered, and can't really go anywhere else. 
So, the CG is off.  If I take off quickly (almost full throttle for a second) it jumps off the ground fine.  If I try to go slo

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Mission Planner Maps Went Low Res

I've been using mission planner with the default maps it's installed with.   They were great, high resolution and recent imagery.

Today I tried a few other maps, and when I went back to google, I no longer get high resolution maps, or it's using a dif

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Can't manually override loiter movements.

I'm working on a small copter, and think I changed a setting I shouldn't have.. Or maybe something else is going on...

I can't overcome loiter drift...  I'm hovering in my back yard w/ not great satellite reception, so the copter wants to drift al

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Crash Log Diag

My copter fell from the sky today.  Not sure what happened.  I think it's like a guy who posted a crash log a day or so ago, it looks like power failed suddenly. 

I don't know how the power plug could have come loose (xt60), but that's my best gues

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Sensor Development Stagnation

I hope I don't come across then wrong way w/ this question, but I am genuinely curious..

When I was in school in the mid 90's we worked w/ sonar and IR and various sensors doing collision avoidance (on little ground based robots).  Then I got jobs

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SR1 settings do not save on Pixhawk

I am trying to change my "sr1" settings in the mission planner setup. 
I make a change and upload them.  The changes do not take.. If I read the pixhawk config, they are on different values than I set. 

I found some old posts where people had this is

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