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Many DIY flying projects require professional composite manufacturing.

I would like to introduce our company to you as a partner in the production of composite parts for UAV, ULA, satellites as good as a marine ship and boats.
The main direction of the activities of our company is services for the design, development and manufacture of products from polymer and composite materials used in the aerospace industry.
These products include:
  • hull and supporting structures of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and ultralight aircrafts;
  • frame and truss structures for optical instrument making for ground, air and space use;
  • carrying and supporting structures with increased requirements for stiffness, strength, low weight, dimensional stability.


We have:
  • our own R&D department with qualified staff;
  • processing of metals and wood on CNC machines;
  • production of composite products in various technologies.


 The quality management system for the design, development and manufacture of products from polymer composite materials meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2015.

Sincerely you
Vladimir Khudyakov
Chief of R&D department

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A long time ago...

When computers were large...

I build a plane, called the Primus. But this was not the first Primus, first gone forever.



And second...Second crash too.

So, time to build Primus again, third reincarnation?

After previous plane all look really small.

s-499.JPGWhat mammi says? Son, always check with a dry fit!


Coincidence? Glue it!


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Monday - day heavy, as you know. So long as any work starts on Monday. So I have - apart from today started sheathing wings.
The technology is as old as aviation. Or perhaps older, is not competent.
First the pattern.

On pattern ply cut, mark up, skins and throw wet.


And we go to dinner. And after dinner with various gums, tapes and other improvised equipment fix ply to the frame of the wing. And leave to dry for tomorrow...


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