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Camera Stabilization using ArduIMU

Getting some nice results for aerial photography/video with a glider and a Sony HD pocket camera.


Now want to add stabilization with gyro-controlled servos.

Then "poing" > the idea to use ArduIMU as the stabilization mechanism.

Has anyone out there

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It went great, until.... reset



Here's a video of my Easystar test flight using the latest 2.6.2 code.


Auto-takeoff - worked like a charm and cruised to the designated alt then started hunting for WP1

WP1 hit - start hunting for WP2




autopilot reset


Any ideas on solving this

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Adventures with Config Tool

Had a fun day out tracking down my Easystar when it disappeared out of sight while testing the AP.


I'm having a weird problem with loading my waypoints into AP 2.6 with IMU.  The present setup does not confirm your waypoints after initialization, i g

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AP 2.6 - Lost my ALH after a reset


I was test flying yesterday trying to do some basic waypoint navigation.  It seems that my AP did a few resets. 


If you look at the telemetry data, the value of ALH goes from 50 to 1312 after the reset. Of course, my Easystar then tries to climb and

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Calibrating the XY thermopiles

Sometimes I feel like "one step forward, two steps back".


My Easystar with Ardupilot is ready for my next test flight but..  calibrating those XY thermo's - I can never get this to work in manual mode.  Perhaps it's me but I can only get good Roll/Pi

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Autoland settings in Ardupilot 2.6

I need some clarification about the "autoland" settings in AP2.6 as listed below. Can anyone assist?


Let's say I want to begin my approach at WP4 and cut my throttle at WP5. Do I replace 998 with 5 and create a WP6 then use 6 as my cut-off?


Also, can

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Help with PID settings

I'm using Ardupilot with a standard Easystar setup.


Do I still need to tune PID settings or can I just use the included .h file? It does not seem to work as is.


Got ok results with Stabilize and FBW.


Could anyone post a copy of the working PID values

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Calibrate mode

IDEA: add a mode in Ardupilot 2.6 that will automatically tune PID gains and trim the servos while in flight. (Calibration)


Is there enough attitude and position information to do this?  In theory, we want a relationship between servo positions and a

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Co-pilot II sensors

While getting my UAV project off the ground (pardon the pun) I managed to get the bare bones basic kit together: Ardupilot board, GPS, XY sensor, airframe and RC.Still thinking about the Z sensor but trying to work with what I have. I dug up the 2.0

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