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ArduPilot 2.6 + ArduIMU V2 in Telemaster Electro

Posted on August 7, 2010 at 8:30am 11 Comments

  • Modified ArduPilot2.6 and ArduIMU to do interprocessor communications via TWI to free up USART for full-duplex serial comm's between ArduPilot and GCS; can upload PID coefficients in flight. IPC code example:
  • Test flown in manual and stabilize…

Razor 9DOF HP filter removal (original 16MHz version)

Posted on February 15, 2010 at 8:00pm 7 Comments

For those with the 16HMz AT328P version of the SparkFun Razor9DOF board who also want to run the DCM based AHRS code, this may be of interest.

First read Jordi's post for the ArduIMU and Razor6DOF boards:

To remove the 3 highpass filters from the… Continue

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At 4:35pm on February 21, 2010,
Mark Colwell
Ventus HCX is a 2.6 meter glider from NirtroPlanes with custom revisions, It has a large fiberglass fuselage for equipment, but a low wing area that demands high speed, it also it tends to tip stall. I added flaps and extended the entire trailing edge to increase area and maybe slow it down. This UAV will get a MegaPilot to control flaps, ailerons, elevator & rudder and enable crow air brake mode. I did not install crappy factory plastic brakes. Need to mount Monster Power 25, 35-48 870kv motor in nose, controlled with Phoenix 45 Hv speed control feed by ThunderPower 18.5v 5s 3700mha lipo, Rudder needs custom control horn installed, rest of push-pull system is installed with control lines routed through micro tubing around equipment bay. I extended trailing edges of rudder and elevator also, I will use a AR7000 rx with DX-7 tx, Xbee 900 pro for tm downlink, Webbie HD with video out feed to Renzibi OSD sent to 500mw 910mhz downlink tx. This is a one crash machine so I will really take my time to get it right. I hate to crash...

Stryker_II has a ArduPilot w/368, AirSpeed Shield v1 with pilto , ArduIMU v1, xBee 900Pro tm downlink, JR XP7202 tx, 790U rx, HiMax 32-48 3800kva motor, 6x4 speed prop, 50A BP Generic ESC, ThunderPower 2250 mha lipo, Phoenix 10a BEC, 2 Cheap metal gear servos from E-Sky, chloroplast fins, balsa 1-1/4 Elevons, 1/4 x 3/8 spruce spine and extra 1/4 glass rod across entire wing just in front of servos. Black duct tape Glass tape, H2O spray paint.. All up weight 32.5 oz

At 5:17pm on February 21, 2010,
hi Mark,
I will be very interested in your experince with AP in Ventus which I have been droolling over for some time now. This one is in offer from some asian sites at un believable price where shipping it would cost more for me than the model it self but I love the sleek look of it. I will have more questions as down the road if you would like to share your experince and photos. thanks
At 7:11pm on February 23, 2010,
Mark Colwell
I'm using 910 mhz @ 500mw with Yagi +9 db on rx, and have a 2.4 ghz @ 100mw for use with 72 mhz RC, but may try 5.8 ghz or 1.2 ghz later, I will need to get my FCC Technician Lic
At 2:35am on February 24, 2010,
Mark Colwell
I have only done short range tests, but 910 mhz looks better.
At 2:19pm on August 7, 2010,
Nathaniel Caner

Thanks for the invite! I finally received my Senior Telemaster UPS yesterday!! Hopefully I'll be airborne by next weekend. It's a good thing I've been doing this so long, the instructions with this ARF look like a kindergartner wrote them! The pictures are too small to be of any use, for a design that has been in production for over 40 years they need to revisit their instructions! I'll post some pictures soon and maybe a blog post of the build and Ardupilot installation. See ya around the forum.

At 4:47am on December 2, 2016,
William Premerlani


I am planning on getting back into multirotors and have a couple of questions for you.

I lost your email address. Could you please contact me at my new email address,


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