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OFM Seeker 450 Naza lite, HK Turnigy 450 KK2.0

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At 3:34am on May 11, 2014, Adam Warburton said…

Hey thanks! it looks a little ugly because I haven't done any real cable management on it just yet. The frame is the flite test Batbone but i didn't really follow their set up recommendations as I needed this to lift a bit more weight. I get a good 15mins of flight time without over draining the battery. it is just a little under powered (slightly too heavy) but the flight time is pretty good I think. 

Its running NTM propdrive 28-30 900kv motors with 30A Afro ESC's, 5000mah 3s battery and 10x4.5 props. All driven by the APM 2.6.

I'm currently doing testing to try and find the best motor/prop combo for this to maximise flight time. I have a quad in progress which ill be trying 610kv motors with a 12" prop so it'll be interesting to see what the flight time is.

I've started trying this out to see how it goes and so far it seems pretty spot on, it might be worth taking a look:

I think I might even try this set up on the tricopter to see if there are any improvements.

For a true long range I'll be using a largish plane with an EzUHF system, but that's a different story.

At 6:47am on May 13, 2014, Adam Warburton said…

Oh wow that's a lot more extreme than I thought! 15 minutes isn't bad for the average specs but to get a quad or tri to do that would be amazing.

I definitely reckon I'll have to give something similar to this a try. Those links are pretty good too, giving a good idea of what sort of gear they use to achieve that.

You don't see much cloud surfing with multirotors.

As for my quad build I'm using the Tarot ironman 650, very nice quality frame and I use this one with their 2 axis gopro gimbal. I only had some 900kv motors lying around which is barely enough to fly with and loses all thrust at about 30% battery on a 3s.

I have some 610kv motors and 4s 5000mah batteries on the way. they'll be pushing 12" props so it'll be interesting to see what sort of flight time I get. Ill get some photos up soon.

At 8:32pm on May 13, 2014, Adam Warburton said…

Yeah I'd be happy with anything over 30mins!

My FPV goggles (Fatshark Attitude SD) do have the head tracker hardware built in but i have yet to use it, I'll be attempting to try it on my fixed wing build I have coming up (Bixler 2) though I could try setting something up on the tricopter also.

ReadyMadeRC have some good camera pan/tilt rigs but they have been out of stock for a bit.

Im currently setting up an antenna tracker which is my latest project, so far so good.

Well if the quad doesn't lose all thrust causing it to land too hard and break a leg then i'll be happy ;) So yeah ill be sure to report back with how it flies after the upgrades.

I've looked at the notification settings and it seems like if i turn off message notifications then you'll stop getting everything, though i haven't yet actually changed anything.

I got spammed a few times there too.

What are you currently flying?

At 10:09pm on May 20, 2014, Adam Warburton said…

I was looking at the same camera pan/tilt rig, at least to try out initially to get me started as it looks nicely put together and comes with a small camera (which i don't have one of yet).

At the moment I've just been using a GoPro hero 3 black.

Ah thats a nice little collection you have there, my first aircraft/multirotor was my customer built tricopter. Not counting a heli I had years ago but never learnt to fly.

I wouldn't mind the TBS discovery one day.

Haha yeah I love having things on their way and then the excitement when parts actually arrive! I've poured quite a bit of money into this hobby so far...

At 4:45am on May 21, 2014, Adam Warburton said…

I've been using the ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8ghz transmitter so far and using the cloverleaf/skew antennas I haven't had any problems and the range is pretty good.

I recently started using a 5 turn CP helical antenna for the ground station through the ImmersionRC diversity receiver. I'll eventually get a much higher gain version of the helical and combined with the antenna tracker rig might even work alright with my EzUHF system, although I'm considering 1.3Ghz for seriously long range.

Luckily I haven't had any problems with the SMA connectors on my video gear my telemetry stuff doesn't match. I'm using RPSMA/SMA adapters so I can get everything to work together.

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