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Logging airspeed on 2.74 onwards...?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Andrew Rabbitt Feb 6, 2014. 2 Replies

Does anyone know which parameter group I can find airspeed to log (passively). I have looked in CTUN and NTUN but neither appear to have this listed. Any hints and tips here...?

APM in a 250

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rob_Lefebvre Jan 20, 2014. 8 Replies

The crazy man in me is trying to stuff an APM into a cheapie HK250GT as a method to waste an inordinate amount of time. (and likely also money) It is a great lesson in weight reduction and…Continue

Arduino/Ardupilot IDE "hangs" whilst attempting to complie

Started this discussion. Last reply by Andrew Rabbitt Aug 9, 2013. 1 Reply

I'm trying to compile a (very) subtly modified version of Arduplane 2.74b using the IDE downloaded from the Arduplane website (1.0.3) but it hangs when I try to compile.  Actually, it doesn't hang…Continue

Mapping servo neutral and end points...?

Started this discussion. Last reply by SKYBORNE May 6. 6 Replies

Does anyone know any way of mapping the servo mid and end points that APM uses?I have modified elevons on my Skyfun which, unfortunately, have a limited down travel.  If the elevon servo forces it…Continue


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Latest Activity

Andrew Rabbitt commented on VGR-Systems's blog post Thrust vectoring coaxial Drone Update
"Impressive project.  Actually, since your concept is not so dependent on prop kinematics for stability, you should be able to swing a much larger prop diameter than a quad equivalent before stability goes to pot. Nice work! Can you get it to…"
Aug 17
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post AP-Manager switches between two Pixhawks for safety, redunancy
"<cynicism> Perhaps much of this technology is about humouring people who have irrational fears (and wield political power).  It's a bit like the TSA feeling you up before you board a commercial flight.  It probably adds no…"
Jun 22
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post AP-Manager switches between two Pixhawks for safety, redunancy
"Is this second post for redundancy too...? ;)"
Jun 21
SKYBORNE replied to Andrew Rabbitt's discussion Mapping servo neutral and end points...?
"What is the way to do it in the new setup?"
May 6
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Anyone remember UNAV?
"I think video odometry will at some point make the very idea of thermopiles for redundancy seem like a 20th century thing."
Apr 10
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Clash of the Titans, DJI sue Yuneec
"It's why open-source is the best defence against patent trolling, IMO John."
Apr 2
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Randy Sonnicksen's blog post Full Scale Quad - I Frame Design
"You could turn this into a tandem synchropter concept and lose the need for cyclic pitch. I think drivetrain torsional vibration will be the biggest headache.  If you put electric motors at the rotor hubs, you might be able to actively damp any…"
Apr 2
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Clash of the Titans, DJI sue Yuneec
"BTW, the above patent claim has a priority date of July 2014.  Airborne camera tracking technology has been around for much longer than that!"
Apr 2
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Clash of the Titans, DJI sue Yuneec
"After reading the claim, I'd be surprised there wasn't some form of prior art out there that will kill DJI's patent and ambitions stone dead. "
Apr 2
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Who knew? This is the Parrot CEO's daughter
"Someone has hacked Chris's DIYD account..."
Mar 23
aldo cattano commented on Andrew Rabbitt's album

Bling for my HDwing

"dear Andrew, I saw your cad propeller on grabcad. did you try to print it with a 3d printer? I am interested to print it because I need a folding propeller of CW and CCW and on the market there is only the CCW version. I need it because I am testing…"
Mar 8
Andrew Rabbitt commented on elad orbach's blog post DARPA improving vertical takeoff and landing demonstrator
"still suffers from turning into a sailing ship in VTOL mode."
Mar 7
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Which came first, the drone or the PowerEgg?
"Sure is easier on the eye than some monstrosities that people actually attempt to fly! 10/10 for aesthetics, which is more important that some engineers give it credit for."
Feb 14
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post GoPro is in a massive tailspin
"quite cool, JB, but it adds a lot of features I'm not looking for and probably still complicates a control interface to any other external device."
Feb 4
Andrew Rabbitt commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post GoPro is in a massive tailspin
"Their form factor sucks for neat robotics/drone installation.  If they could develop a concentric (or at least axi-symmetric) form factor and add in some decent wired full remote control capability, I'm sure they'd sell a ton of them…"
Feb 4
Andrew Rabbitt commented on John Smith's photo


"Isn't that the Sparkle-Tech rip-off version?  Maybe they did a deal...?"
Feb 3

Profile Information

About Me:
Mechanical Engineer with more than a decade in electronic engine control development and application in the OEM sphere. I am a lapsed PPL(A) and currently an experimental aircraft builder (Van's RV-8). UAV's are a fascinating diversion from rivetting...
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
Inspired by press articles earlier this year on near-space ballooning, I would like to one day send a UAV glider aloft for a positionable return to land. I'm sure others have similar ideas.
Melbourne, Australia (sometimes)

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Andrew Rabbitt's Blog

Exploring the secrets of flying wing design with CFD.

Posted on July 28, 2015 at 9:36pm 44 Comments

The flying wing design I have been working on for some time now has been slowly evolving as I have learned more about aerodynamics and expanded my skill set with modelling tools of various forms.  I have recently completely re-surfaced my design with new aerofoil sections and better, more consistent surface…


Wing lift distribution presentation

Posted on March 27, 2015 at 12:50am 11 Comments

A very interesting and thought provoking explanation of why the conventional wisdom of elliptical lift distribution needs rethinking.  Interesting for lovers of fixed-wing but also might be applicable for propellers and rotors...?

Digital flight control research from the '80s

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 4:25am 11 Comments

I tripped over this on my suggested links and thought it might be of interest to the DIYD crowd.  Fascinating to see an original Macintosh being used as a ground station!

Telemetry Radio Range testing with home-made dipole antenna

Posted on April 28, 2014 at 11:10pm 14 Comments

On Sunday I spent the morning self-consciously traipsing around my brother's neighborhood with an apparently wierd collection of hand-held electronics and foam in the form or my APM, battery and a Hextronic 3DR knock-off 915MHz telemetry radio and Skyfun fin. We left a laptop on the top floor of the house running APM Planner with the base station radio connected directly to the USB port and using a standard "duck" monopole…


Comment Wall (4 comments)

At 6:15am on February 11, 2012, Paul Marsh said…

Oops.  Wrong URL in my PM to you.  Try this:


At 6:32am on June 17, 2013, Acorn said…

Andrew - Thank you for commenting on my BLOG DIY Passive Gimbal.

How about whacking four free-spinning electric motors on it? One flanking each axis? Just so it is balanced. Would they cancel eachother out? Or would making them spin CW / CCW to each other be better?

At 5:57pm on November 20, 2013, Justin Martin said…

Hello Andrew! Thanks for the support, and offer. I will definitely keep you in mind if anything comes up. The Idea behind the albatross is open. By this I mean, it has specific goals and design elements, however in the long run I would truly like innovations to be customer based. For instance, If customers started laser cutting their own internal storage shelves/formers, and/or other mods, such as a dome/nose adapter.

If the Pro version every comes to be, I will definitely be needing some specific arts, such as retaining clamps and rings for easy quick-release style components.

At 8:01am on April 23, 2015, Paul Meier said…

Hi Andrew

I have seen your pic of the qx 100 teardown. I want to teardown my qx 10 but before I do may I ask do you think it is possible to soldier a connection on where the shutter button is (on the flexible printed circuit) and then use pixhawk to trigger ?

Many thanks in advance,


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