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ArduCopter v3.0.0 peculiarities

Started this discussion. Last reply by Randy Jun 22, 2013. 5 Replies

I took AC3.0.0 for a test flight using my new MAVPilot software as the GCS. I programmed a simple flight path as so…Continue

Tags: 3.0, ArduCopter

GPS cable

Started this discussion. Last reply by Bill Bonney Jan 4, 2013. 1 Reply

Is there a JST 6 cable to DF13 6 cable. When using the Bixler case the JST cable is hard up against the side at 90deg exit. Mine just broke. Now when you add the new case it there isn't enough room…Continue

Using ATTO sensor and the new APM Power Module connection

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mohamed Saleh Jun 5. 3 Replies

I am powering my APM with two batteries, one for the outputs and one for the inputs. So I don't require the APM Power Module to power my board, but I would like to add V & I sensing for the the…Continue

Tags: Atto, Power, Management


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Bill Bonney commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Drones in The November Man, new Pierce Brosnan film
"He's the guy on my N64 right? It has 3D. Not sure if it was printed though, and Perfect Dark was better!"

Bill Bonney commented on Lester Haines's blog post LOHAN spaceplane mission relocates to Spaceport America
"I wish you good luck, and let's hope the FAA are expdidiant with that drone use. With them potentially missing their 2015 mandate, I wouldn't hold your breath. I look forward to my mug. Good luck!"

Bill Bonney commented on Jorge Brites's blog post Refurbish a damaged 4S battery - Do not try this!
"Thanks Theo, I look forward to seeing your tutorial."

Bill Bonney replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.2 beta testing
"Andre is wrong. The battery on the GPS unit helps the boot up and loxk time for the GPS. The battery on the PH is for the 'real time clock' it maintains the clock in the even of a momentary brownout event"

Bill Bonney replied to Stefan Lane Hardy's discussion Multiple Air Vehicles with single ground station (APM planner 2.0)
"you need to set SYSID_THISMAV parameter to be unique for each vehicle you want to control. Only one is under active control at a time, and you can switch between them using the the Unmanned Systems widget. It defaults to the Flight Plan view,…"
Aug 21

Bill Bonney commented on Jorge Brites's blog post Refurbish a damaged 4S battery - Do not try this!
"Quazi: a cell will not charge faster, discharge quicker, and who does anything other than balance charge? Batteries in series discharge at the same current, and in parallel will have the same voltage. If a cell in series reaches a low voltage 3.5v…"
Aug 21

Bill Bonney commented on Jorge Brites's blog post Refurbish a damaged 4S battery - Do not try this!
"I think this is misplaced fear. Don't fly a damaged pack, for sure, but building you own LiPo battery stacks is OK. see as an example I have been building 3S battery packs from…"
Aug 20

Bill Bonney commented on Jose Luis Cortes's blog post Huge quadcopters can be attractive alternative to fixed wing for mapping and survey
"@Jack: what kind of power source do these tools use? :-p"
Aug 18

Bill Bonney replied to R. D. Starwalt's discussion APM2.5 5V/Vcc Schematic
"The power module is directly connected to the 5V Servo rail with JP1 installed. The diode D1 stops servos from being powered from the USB port. The diode D4 shorts to ground with a voltage over 6V, the main load being dissipated with the 500mA (now…"
Aug 18

Bill Bonney replied to agentremnant's discussion PIXHawk RX power? in the group ArduCopter User Group
"The RC-IN +'ve pin is 5V, I measured 4.8V on my system.  You are correct in the signals are 3.3V compatible, but power is supplied at 5V As for powering servos, you need a UBEC to supply the +'ve rail for the servo."
Aug 15

Bill Bonney replied to agentremnant's discussion PIXHawk RX power? in the group ArduCopter User Group
"What RX are you using? And which pins are connected. I have had no problem powering my RXs FrSky D4R-II / X8D and DR8-II+"
Aug 14

Bill Bonney commented on Greg Dronsky's blog post Third Person Driving with a drone
"Looks to me as the steering wheel is on the right side!"
Aug 13

Bill Bonney replied to Chris Onyando's discussion Mobile Ground Station
"Try checking out rally points. See wiki "
Aug 13

Bill Bonney commented on Dan Murray's blog post #dronefreedom: Fundraising Campaign to Challenge the FAA's Interpretive Rule
"@BacklashRC. Sessions start elsewhere in the world would be 70% then, and the top 9 would be same number as the US. I think the real problem the FAA have is how to integrate small UAS into the airspace. Ones used for video/picture work, who…"
Aug 12

Bill Bonney commented on Dan Murray's blog post #dronefreedom: Fundraising Campaign to Challenge the FAA's Interpretive Rule
Aug 11

Bill Bonney replied to Marc MERLIN's discussion RCMAP_THROTTLE does not reassign channel in radio calibration (APM plane 3.0.3)
"To see the function descriptions for the RC channel you can view them in the Standard Params View or the Advanced Param view. You can search for the relevant ones at the top. For RC5_FUNCTION you will see a combobox with the values you can set."
Aug 11

Profile Information

About Me:
A personable guy that likes to help as this helps me learn the quickest.
Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
I really like the idea of being able to communicate with objects, things, stuff remotely. From my early years connecting a Commodore Vic 20 and Commodore 128 together with bell wire my dad salvaged from a skip to infra-red protocol development on early PDAs. I've been recently inspired by remote 'telemetry', I always think rockets and Apollo with that word!

As I become more informed of this project lets see where it takes me.

Bill Bonney's Blog

APM Planner 2.0.13 released (was 2.0.12/11 released)

Posted on July 14, 2014 at 5:00pm 64 Comments

NOTE: Parameter settings was also broken. Next release we will also have 'beta' releases so we can avoid these simple mistakes…


Crowd Funding Tracker/Update

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 2:30pm 1 Comment

After reading the post “Yet Another follow-me copter on Kickstarter” I thought is would be interesting to list the campaigns crowd sourced and get an update of the…

ROTM: How drones took off!

Posted on June 11, 2014 at 11:06am 0 Comments

Interesting news item on the The Guardian UK newspaper

Unmanned aircraft, or 'drones' have attracted controversy for their military use, but they are now taking off everywhere. The mass adoption of this new technology is gathering pace – and it raises big questions around…


APM Planner 2.0.10 release

Posted on May 26, 2014 at 12:30pm 42 Comments

[NOTE: There is a problem with autoupdate in APM Planner 2.0.9 (previous) to this release, users needs to manually update to this release from ]

Some highlights of items new in this…


Comment Wall (5 comments)

At 5:31pm on September 27, 2012, Stephen R Mann said…

I didn't want to perpetuate bad info.  But since I can edit the original post....

At 7:09pm on January 15, 2014, Aakash Dawadee said…

Hi Bill,

         I read your comment on following thread:

         I have ArduPilot 2.5. I need to get it connected to my linux based computer via the serial port. I soldered jumpers such that UART0 is routed to AutoMUX. I think now, I have UART2 free for use. I would be pleased if you could explain me whether this is correct? Also, could you please explain with example what I have to do to get ArduPilot talking to my linux based computer? I was thinking of modifying firmware codes of ArduPilot. Will this be correct method? or do you have any alternative idea?

At 8:48am on January 16, 2014, BustamyTool said…
I can't connect with mission planner. Keeps saying no heatbeat packets. Plz help
At 5:14pm on April 23, 2014,
Forrest Frantz

did you ever solve the no heatbeat problem.  i've got the same thing.

At 9:46pm on May 3, 2014, Richard Kennedy said…

Hi Bill

re-The best solution for iOS devices is to use IP and Wifi and not bluetooth [BT].

Does wifi have a better range? What is the supposed advantage some see with BT? I would like to get a bridge set up to avoid the OTG cable but not sure which direction to go.. wifi or BT. I have a droid now but hope to get set up with an iPad once a ground station app get's rolling. But there is no advantage with an iPad either wifi or BT would work just fine right? 

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