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Quad almost flew away in Loiter mode.


I am having an issue with Loiiter mode on my Arducopter. 

Here is what happened. I was hovering at about 2Meter ( eye level ) altitude with 16 Sats in Loiter mode. All was calm and stable.

After a few minutes, the Quad seems to automatically go fu

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Manual camera trigger option using radio


I configured the camera trigger on CH6. I can get this to work using the "Trigger Camera NOW" on the MIssion Planner. I am sure it would work with the Camera distance trigger. 

But what if I wanted to manually trigger a picture using my RC ? I do

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Intense weaving started to happen suddenly


I am puzzled by a very strange behaviour of APM on my SKywalker. The setup was perfectly tuned and I had done several photomapping grids. All settings were fine tuned and the turns were all smooth sharp and with no weaving.

The same setup, one da

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Pixhawk power supply questions on Airplane


Was installing the new Pixhawk on a plane and was using the 3DR power module to power the Pixhawk. I also have an ESC (w/BEC) and 4 servos to drive around. Now i noted that without the ESC connected the Servo rails were powered with the 3DR Powe

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Airspeed indicator problem


I seem to be having a problem with the airspeed indicator. I have read through ALL the pages related to this and just cant get it right. Here is the problem : 

On my Skywalker, I have the airspeed indicator installed in front of the nose. THe pit

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Power questions for APM 2.5 w/RFD900/Airspeed


I have got my Skywalker, with the following : 

APM2.5 w/Airspeed and 3DR Power Module / MinimOSD

RFD900 Telemetry modem

4x Servos ( for control surfaces ) 


1 APM-CHDK Cable ( built from a light switch ) 

1 Castle Creations 10A BEC


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MinimOSD with APM 2 - Problem

Hello everyone,

I just set up my MinimOSD with the latest firmware 1.9 and char set and installed it on my airplane with APM 2 running the latest version of ArduPlane.

However on the screen, I get the video overlaid with "Waiting for MAVlink Hearbeats"

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Not being able to setup FailSafe properly

Hello all,

I have the latest revision of the APM code installed, and use a Futaba radio set. 

I got the Throttle Failsafe value set up propelry so the APM goes into Failsafe when i switch off the Tx.

However the modes do not change as I want them to.


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Measurement Units

Hello All,

THough I have tried to read through all documentation, I have a question on the measurement units being used throughtout the code and hardware.


1. For example, the documentation says that airspeed is in m/sec but in the EEPROM it seems to b

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How to set the EEPROM values

Last week I had a touch time trying to set the proper throttle failsafe PWM value. The default is 975 and i wanted to set it to 1030 . I put

#define THROTTLE_FS_VALUE 1030

in the APM_config.h and uploaded the code, but in the Setup>Show i still saw the

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Stabilize mode on Failsafe not working ?

On my ArduPilot Mega, that I use with a Futaba 10C and a R600HS RX, i have the throttle failsafe enabled and configured the PWM value for it. I checked with a USB connection that it does go into FS when I switch off the TX. There are 3 modes I have s

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