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Y6 redundancy test (FAIL)

I have done a redundancy test with a Y6:

Motors: MK3638

Board: arducopter

ESC: Plush 30A

Frame: y6 rc-carbon

Lipo: 3S5000

Weight: 2.3kg

I have tried to takeoff with a motor disconnected but the copter was not able to lift and it flipped inmediately.

Is the

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ACM2 Navigation

As ACM2 continues improving (thanks to Jason and the rest of arducopter team) and my quad is pretty stable, I'm ready to test waypoints/navigation features. I posted my first aborted experience in the 2.0.34 thread but I would like to consolidate her

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Yaw odd behaviour in 2.0.32

Finally I have solved my problems with the quad turning left and right without touching yaw stick... Don't know if the key is latest ACM versions or the fact that I mount the APM/IMU over foam to reduce vibrations... in any case, now I can abuse of p

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Compass heading accuracy

I'm having some yaw problems and I would like to know if an oscillation of +-4 degrees in the heading value obtained from "CLI / tests / compass" is normal or maybe reveals a faulty compass.


I attach a CLI screen capture taken with the quad completel

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APM 2560 not receiving data from RX

Hi All,Setting up a brand new combo of APM 2560/Oilpan for use with arducoptermega.First, when APM is connected to USB it is not able to power on the radio receiver... I have checked that APM inputs power pins have 5V and that at the end of the cable

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APM not working after crash

My tinycopter based on ardupirates stable code had a crash today. After that, APM/IMU is not working ok.When I connect the battery, the IMU leds starts blinking normally but after that... there is no green light showing that initialization was ok. No

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Testing ArduCopterMega

I know that ArduPilotMega is still not ready for beta testing, but I love risk and I am trying to fly my tinyquadcopter with the trunk version of arducoptermega.Is anyone trying and want to share his progress? APM_Config.h? PIDs?Any guidance apart fr

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Remzibi OSD in arducopter?

I would like to know if it is possible to use the remzibi OSD with arducopter NG or in the future with the mega branch.


Can I use a typical GPS like the "MediaTek MT3329 GPS" with Remzibi OSD?

Can I use the GPS that comes with the Remzibi with the APM

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