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Flight control: - Low level dynamics control - Formation flight - Wind energy harvesting (thermal and dynamic soaring) - Path control - Nonlinear control Navigation: - Kalman filters (EKF, UKF, MHKF) - Particle filters Systems integration Fixed-wing aircraft design



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Ricardo Bencatel replied to Joby Dorr's discussion TERRIBLE battery life with black pearl fpv monitor
You must have a faulty gear, because mine last several flights and I do not shutdown the screen between the flights.
You should probably ask 3DR to replace the screen itself, as both batteries failing simultaneously sounds less probable.

Jun 9, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Phred Linn's discussion Newbie Farmer
I guess that if the setup is something like the hobbyking paraglider:
the parafoil controls can be used…"
May 30, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to taso's discussion APM control input problem on Reptile 500 (TBS Disco clone) frame
Are you sure you are not using the "Simple" or "Super simple" modes?
Those will change the "direction" of you commands, depending on the aircraft position relative to the start position."
May 30, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Eric's discussion Quadcopter Wobbling
"Do you have any damping material between the controller and the frame?
If not, the propulsion vibration can cause the attitude filter to drift or at least produce erroneous estimates, which coupled with the control feedback action will produce…"
May 30, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Andreas Breitenstein's discussion Pitch tuning for change in CG
A larger wing loading requires a larger angle of attack to produce the appropriate lift, if the aircraft is flying at the same speed.
Are you sure this pitch difference does not result from controller trying to keep a constant altitude for the…"
May 30, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to dronebohne's discussion UAV - Let´s make it even more autonomous!
This seems like a challenging development.
What you are suggesting seems like an extension of the "follow me" mode. The catch is on the mismatch between the copter GPS and the beacon (on the surface vehicle). The optical tracking might be able…"
May 24, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to beau's discussion droidplanner
What do you mean by "verify height"?

May 15, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Felix Borges's discussion I need some help
I have a somewhat similar problem with my FrSky TH9X, which came with a 3DR Iris.
This weekend when I tried to takeoff for a second flight, the Iris had a strong tendency to fly to left, even crashing against a stone that was some distance to…"
May 4, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Anand Swaminathan's discussion Long i2c, antenna cable and GPS 6 pin cable for large aircraft
"Yes, that seems like a good approach.

Apr 30, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Anand Swaminathan's discussion Long i2c, antenna cable and GPS 6 pin cable for large aircraft
I am not sure about the I2C and GPS cables, but as they carry digital signals, there probably is no problem. Adding an external shielding (wire mesh or other) connected to the ground should avoid major interferences in long cables.
The antenna…"
Apr 30, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Andrew A's discussion Servo Issues with Pixhawk
"Can you connect the servos directly to the receiver, just to make sure they are working?
If it is not the servos you should check the cables and make sure the servos are connected to the right port.
Otherwise, you might need to recalibrate the…"
Apr 23, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Efstratios Kiniklis's discussion Servos wont work in Pixhwak
"That can be a problem with your ESC signal input not going low enough. Normal ESCs will only activate if the pwm signal gets under a certain level."
Apr 23, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to mike Kemp's discussion Iris+ Remote Control help
"Did it arrived from factory working like that?
A possible solution is to reverse the elevator channel in the handset. For that, in the standard Iris+ handset, you need to press the menu key for several seconds, until it changes the screen content.…"
Apr 22, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to Adam Calkins's discussion Iris+ Problems
"It might be that the GPS is receiving interferences from other onboard systems.
3DR has some guidance on their website on how to troubleshoot some known issues: http://3drobotics.com/kb/troubleshooting/
Look for the "Poor GPS performance" section."
Apr 22, 2015
Ricardo Bencatel replied to donald rossi's discussion Newb here 3DR Radio has Terrible range HELP!!
Are you sure you have not switched the handset antenna with the telemetry radio antenna?
Usually the radios' antennas have a colored dot at the base, so that you can match them."
Apr 22, 2015