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wuns chtaria replied to Kenneth Pearson's discussion Tower Android App
"The original open-source code is still available on git (details below). If you need the original file, utilize Clone&Download. https://freegamesonline.io/"
Oct 24, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Gerber's discussion uBlox problem
"While the EM406 supports 56k baud, the uBlox code only supports 38k baud. The Xbees' transmission rate must be adjusted correspondingly. (Oh, and it's all laid out in the guide.) https://geometry-dash.io/"
Oct 24, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Marlan L. Kingsley's discussion QGroundControl/ uploading waypoint
"During the flight, I'd like to be able to upload and send commands to the UAV. That makes sense, and I knew it was doable with the new HappyKillmore and the MAVLink protocol when used in tandem with QGroundControl. Unfortunately, the ML is not very…"
Oct 24, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Najam ul saiqb's discussion mavproxy module
"It's important to remember that the "init" function must return a ModuleInstance. Use "return ModuleName(mpstate)" as an example. Your blunder probably lies there. https://basketball-stars.co/"
Oct 24, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to James masterman's discussion Failsafe in Auto mode
"Dear James, The same thing is happening to my Aurora 9. It's driving me completely insane.Did you figure it out? https://drift-boss.co/"
Jun 26, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Stewart Lilley's discussion ArduRocket
"Howdy, Men! I realise this was posted in 2012 and has already received responses, but I'm interested in rocketry and would like to achieve the same thing. I've successfully launched my rocket to a high height in New Mexico, but the wind is a…"
Jun 26, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Felipe Rabat's discussion Vibration
"This happened to my helicopter after I made a relatively harmless adjustment. My props are perfectly balanced, and I double-check them on a Dubro balancer. Because I wanted a more stable setup, I swapped out the motor mount, which resulted in a…"
Jun 26, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Luis Alves's discussion MinimOSDng
"Good news, indeed! The Extra branch that Gabor and Miguel have created is outstanding. Sadly, they are both too preoccupied with "real life" to keep devoting so much time to this endeavour. In order to choose a successor for the project, Gabor urged…"
Jun 26, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to RyanWang's discussion Do you have any suggestion for an Intro computer design project?
"Thank you for sharing this information. I just wanted to let you know that I checked out your website and that I thought it was extremely fascinating and educational. I look forward to reading many of your postings. https://drift-boss.co/"
Apr 25, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Ian Rosaaen's discussion DJI supports Russia
"Who cares? Your daily existence is unaffected by the manipulation of issues that don't affect you! You're whining because you're unable to voice your views, right? Well, nobody is interested in your views, especially about a false conflict! You only…"
Apr 25, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Jim Sci's discussion Dirt-cheap throwaway cargo drone
"I can't 3D print the motors, wiring harnesses, webcams, and digital/RF boards, therefore I need to find them cheaply. If we can't find inexpensive ready-to-use frames and arms, we may opt to 3D print the frame and the rotor arms. Eli, I appreciate…"
Apr 25, 2023
wuns chtaria replied to Otschi's discussion Single Motor Quadcopter
"Instead of changing the speed directly, it would be essential to be able to regulate the rotor speed using servos to modify the ratio of the CVTs. It would also be necessary to be able to control the speed of the main motor.…"
Apr 25, 2023
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Apr 25, 2023