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Looking for a connector.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cory Apr 22, 2009. 6 Replies

Good source for cheap lipos and other parts

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cory Jul 23, 2008. 2 Replies


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Cheap 6 Degree Of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit

Posted on January 9, 2009 at 11:32am 2 Comments

I have finished my Master's Degree, and so I have to return all of the planes and paparazzi hardware which the school bought for my project. So I have begun working on my next project. So far I have purchased a cheap ($100 receiver ready + 2 free lipos!) 2 meter electric glider from Hobby City so that I can continue to fly. If it has enough space in the fuselage,… Continue

Getting Started With Paparazzi

Posted on October 31, 2008 at 11:30am 16 Comments

I think for the hobbyist, the only real choice is an open source autopilot. Unfortunately with a closed source solution, you are stuck with the feature set that the developer wants you to have. Another major advantage of open source autopilots is that reading the source code is a valuable learning, and troubleshooting tool. Even if you never intend to modify the code, just being able to look at it can be enough to resolve a problem.

In my… Continue

List of suggested skills for someone who wants to DIY a DRONE

Posted on October 29, 2008 at 7:46pm 7 Comments

I made this non exhaustive list of skills which are nice to have if you want to build your own UAV.

I think a basic handle on all of these skills will greatly help anyone who wants to build a UAV. If you want to build a UAV, and lack a lot of these skills, don't take this to mean you cannot do it, just understand the magnitude of the difficulty, and be prepared to press on in the face of adversity and to teach yourself a lot. When I decided to build a UAV, I had never even flown an… Continue

Paparazzi installed in airframe, nearly ready to fly.

Posted on August 20, 2008 at 11:40am 3 Comments

I am happy to report that I have installed the paparazzi autopilot in one of my airframes and have done some ground testing. So far the results are positive. The telemetry works well (at short range at least), and the aircraft reports proper position and attitude. When the aircraft is held at an angle, the control surfaces move to compensate, and the behavior of the control surfaces looks correct.

In the picture below, all of the autopilot system except for the radio modem can be… Continue

Lithium Polymer Batteries and Chargers mini-primer

Posted on July 23, 2008 at 11:04am 7 Comments

Lithium Polymer batteries are an attractive power source for electric flight due to their high energy density. The combination of lithium polymer batteries and brushless motors now rivals glow power in terms of power and duration.

The main difficulty when using lithium polymer batteries is choosing what batteries and charger to use. Batteries are specified in terms of voltage, capacity, and discharge rating.

Voltage is generally listed as 1S - 6S. The S number refers to… Continue

Comment Wall (6 comments)

At 8:03am on November 5, 2008, Ronan said…
Hi Cory, my name's Ronan.

I am leading a project to build a UAV for my University entry to ESCO UAS (European Students Competition on Unmanned Aircraft Systems).

I have taken up the task of trying to configure an autopilot for some of the missions. I regret to say I am making (very) slow progress. I have been looking into using Paparazzi and have it set up and running. Last years team purchased motherboard equipment (a gumstix verdex xl6p with console-xv and netwifimicro sd) and an autopilot (an MNAV 100CA).

I saw your post "Getting Started With Paparazzi" and your offer to help people get started "a lifeline" i thought!

Firstly, do you think we can use this equipment? (I see on the Pap page that gumstix classix equipment is supported)

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

At 9:21am on November 13, 2008, Ronan said…
Hello again Cory,

We have decided to go ahead with MicroGear, a rebuild of the MNAV software. I saw a comment left for the developer, Curt Olson, on the sourceforge page from a 'coryb'... is this you?
If so did you manage to get the original groundstation software working with microgear?
I have recruited a linux/c/c++ guru onto my team and I am happy to say we are making better progress!

At 1:04pm on January 9, 2009, Moss said…
Cory, you mentioned you finished your masters, what was your master on? I'm planning on going for my Masters in computer science this year and am thinking of different options. looks like what you studied was pretty interesting
At 2:27pm on January 9, 2009, Moss said…
I was thinking of studying artificial inteligence (AI). I thought it may give me opportunity to possible work with autopilots (paparazzi). what would your advice be as far as AI relates to paparazzi system?
At 5:13pm on January 26, 2009, Anton said…
Hey Cory,

Where did you buy the Picoblade pre-crimped connectors? I need to order some for my paparazzi...
At 8:26pm on April 19, 2009, Michael said…
Hi Corey,

I am interested in a paprazzi autopilot. How do they perform, what limitations do you find they have?


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