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3D Robotics Y6 conversion - Stable as Hex C?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Serpentaire Jul 18, 2013. 2 Replies

The Y6 conversion looks amazing, especially with the inverted legs and wider opening between the arms.  This should eliminate the issue of the landing gear legs in all my videos -…Continue


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Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest
My UAV interest is fairly new. I am hoping to build on my limited knowledge of the field so that I can one day utilize UAV's for commercial purposes.
Douglasville, GA

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Comment Wall (11 comments)

At 10:44am on July 20, 2013, Stone1295 said…

Hey Mega,

I've seen that board but haven't purchased one yet.  From time to time I do put LEDs on my Hex but for that I simply added a tap into my battery harness and then T'd off of that.  With this setup I don't have any control over how the lights work, they just power up when I plug in the main battery.

I am toying with the idea of adding a second 2S or 3S 500mah battery to power up the lights instead of draining the main battery but I haven't done that yet.


At 4:23pm on July 20, 2013, Serpentaire said…

I'm just having trouble deciphering the diagram that is displayed on their product page.  Looks like you have to essentially connect the telem, osd, and ioboard together and then attach ground an power from another source or something.  I just don't understand the technical drawing yet and was hoping to see some pics or videos from someone else who may have used it.  I'll have to add a video to my youtube if I figure it out.  It looks really cool once they are hooked up and flashing in special patterns.  I could really benefit from visually knowing which way is forward, the blue/black arms are practically invisible once the thing takes off. 

Hey what type of controller do you use? 

At 3:36am on July 21, 2013,
Jani Hirvinen

MegaFlare have you checked and IOBoard guides from there?? Also we are working on new document side so suggestions are always welcome.

In generaly whole idea on IOBoard is that you have independent Arduino Mini board that have high voltage output pins (6 pins). There is darlington driver that can handle up to 42volts and 500mAh per output pin.

On other end of board you have FTDI connector andother end is highpower pins. Additionally  there are 5v TTL pins too for doing other type tricks.

You can either use sample programs provided by us or you can write your own program. Source codes for all our sample programs are in Arducodes repository at google code.

What other detail you need??

At 7:52am on July 21, 2013, Serpentaire said…

I did check it out and I am very excited about what is possible with the IOboard.  It looks great.  The multiconnector diagram states that a Y-cable can be used to connect Telem board to the IOBoard, but I need to connect minimOSD as well.  Would the Telemetry distribution board work to connect all three?  I'm also a bit confused about the Batt + power from the battery to the IOboard. Is this just soldered into the main battery?  And what is the red y cable from the Vid Rx / MinimOSD to the Batt +. 

Sorry, for all the questions, I'm pretty new to this all and have no idea how to read these tech diagrams. 


At 9:54pm on July 21, 2013, Nick Scott said…

Sorry to jump in on your wall MegaFlare, but I am having the same problems with jdrones documentation. I tried friending Jani to ask him but he hasn't replied, even though he has been active since I sent it.  Hopefully he answers here for both of us. 

My question is regarding the ground wiring. his diagram shows ground wires coming out of every ground port. Yet he says you only need a connection to high power and then ground through the FTDI, The only reason I know that is because he posted it and I have been searching forever trying to find an answer.  Hopefully he replies. 

At 8:20am on July 22, 2013, Serpentaire said…

Not a problem at all Nick.  The more discussion we can create the better.  I look forward to connecting with other users so that we can share our experiences. 

Jani seems to be corresponding in a lot of discussions so the oversight is probably unintentional. 

What he is saying does seem to make sense.  If you look here at the 4th paragraph, it states something similar. 

"Connect one cable from your battery (+) to top left corner where Highload power input is.

Then connect LED Strips or other payloads on output pins as shown. (Remember + pin is at edge of the board.)

Connect 4 wires from APM(Flight Controller) to IOBoards FTDI port as shown in diagram (RX, TX, +5V and GND)"

I think the diagrams are a bit confusing as the make it seem that you need to have ground lines running from everywhere, but perhaps those are just the options available (not sure, I'm not skilled enough to decipher those diagrams).  

My situation is more like this diagram.  I have Telem/OSD that needs to be connected.  It states that I could use a telem. Y-Cable to connect, but this does not account for the "optional" OSD.  So I wanted to know if I could use one of JDrones Telemetry Distribution Boards to connect all three to the APM. 

I'll let you know if I hear back on any of it.  I'll have to revisit some of the discussions that Jani's posted in because I think all the instructions have been discussed in a few other posts. 

At 8:39am on July 22, 2013, Nick Scott said…

Oh I am sure that Jani missed it. I asked the question in the friend request message and if you click to accept the request it doesn't show you the message. You only see it in the notification email.  I didn't mean to imply that he was being deliberate about it.  

I agree with you that it is set up that way. But I am a visual person and those drawings are making me doubt it, even if it is documented.  

At 8:41am on July 22, 2013, Nick Scott said…

Sorry for the rapid fire comments, I forgot to say that I think we should collaborate on a user submitted guide once we figure it out.  Quite a few people are asking. 

At 9:17am on July 22, 2013, Serpentaire said…

That sounds good to me.  I'm actually waiting on a replacement APM since mine will not connect via USB any longer (long story).  I need to know if I can use the telemetry distribution board to connect telem/osd/ioboard first.  If so, then I'll know which way I want to go with the install.  Also, I believe were supposed to use a BEC to drop the power down as well (not sure though).  I remember Jdrones had one in their youtube video but I cannot remember if or where it is necessary. 

At 6:56pm on July 22, 2013, Nick Scott said…

I believe If you look at the pictures the wire to the high power rail is coming from the front of the BEC, where the battery connects. Check out this picture from they caption says directly from the Lipo and they are connecting to the power module.  I am looking for the bigger picture of Jani's set up to highlight where the wire is coming from.  That is the good thing about the ioboard, it can handle the higher direct voltage from the Lipo

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