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EKF with Rover 2.50

Anybody using the EKF with Rover 2.50.  I had a couple of meters GPS glitch for about 30 seconds today and was wondering if the EKF was enabled would I have held a better course.  It caused no problems I'm just wondering if I should be using it or no

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Powering ROV from topside

Hi everyone.

Whats yout thoughts on most efficent way to power ROV from topside.

Max Demands are pretty high current wise, 6x25amps@16v for thrusters only+lights+camera+control+some spare for toolings.

We are thinking about 300 V dc@15amps that we could

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3D printed parts

Hello all,

Because my boat doesn't have a water tight compartment I decided to 3D print cases and holders to keep my components dry in the event of water ingress. A couple of the cases are enclosed and the other two are open brackets that I use with b

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New BOAT project.

Hi all, i'm starting to think at a new project that a big seafood company gave me. The need it's an all wheater, autonomus survey boat and withdrawal of waters capability.

The budget it's around 50k euros and it's an European Founding with the aim of

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Boat zig zaging in AUTO

I have just set up this 740mm power cat, AMP 2.5, NEO 7 GPS with compass.

Everything works great in manual but when I switch to auto the boat zig zags across the lay line, it makes the course but the course it steers looks more like a sail boat tackin

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Acquatic drifter gps drived

I would like to build an autopilot system, for oceanographic surveys, which is launched by the shore setting the coordinates and once it arrives at its destination switch off and is carried away by the currents. Once the mission is ended up again and

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