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Flyn in So Cal in December

Not sure how to post actual video but here is a youtube link of my Y-6 and a friend's Quad flyn around, another friend did the video.... We set them up with both video and FPV and are a blast to fly....Thanks to this community, developers, and hobbyi

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New Y6 ESC failure in flight

Hi I am pretty new to the forum and yesterday I had my first crash of my brand new Y6. I built this from scratch, and had flown it 6 times. Since the first flight I had sudden pitch movements/glitches but they went away after less than a minute of th

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y6 power board extra power cable?

I'm finishing up my Y6 build and noticed that there's an extra red/black thin power cable coming out of the power harness that isn't in the pics or setup guide.I'm guessing its an alternative to the power module cable that plus in inline with the bat

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Y6 Extreme Yaw Issues

I'm sure this is something that I am simply overlooking but rebuilding and searching for a fix has left me without an answer.  Hoping some of you experienced with the Y6 can point me in the right direction.

The frame:

  • APM 2.5 - Firmware Y6 v3.0.1
  • Intern

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Anyone done a "motor-out" test?

Hello Folks,

I have a 3DR Y-6 Hexa and have been flying it for a couple of months now.  In general, I think that it is a good platform.  

One of the reasons I settled on the Y-6 was that one of the features listed in the description of the Y-6 on the 3

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Y6 Motors Configuration

Though I fly Sky-hero Spy (Y6 configuration), it is relevant to the 3DR Y6:

Initially I connected the 6 motors as suggested in the APM Copter instructions. The copter was unstable, throttle reaction was very sensitive and yaw was terrible.

I then chang

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Can't Get Motors 3, 4, 5 to Work


Thanks in advance.  I have the Y6 complete kit from 3D Robotics that I just finally got around to building. I have an APM2.6 with the external compass etc..  For some reason, I can't get all the motors to spin in test mode through the CLI.

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