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3DR Y6 ->Y3 Is this possible?

Hey folks, I've damaged a motor on my Y6 and will probably have to wait a week until a spare arrives.

I've noticed that there is a Y3 firmware configuration available in Mission Planner.

Can I simply upload a new firmware, adjust the motor connections

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"Best" Battery?

 After 30+ years of flying Nitro fixed wings, NiMh cars and cheep RTF helicopters I find myself lacking on the large battery LiPo side of things. With that I went to a trusted hobby shop for advice and to purchase a battery for the y6 that is already

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So Many wires!

The 3DR Web Assembly manual shows the rear ESCs stacked together.  I emailed their tech support and their reply was that it is OK to do so.  Now, if I can only figure out where to put all the wires.  Oh yea, the PM is still hanging out.  Trying to ge

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Choosing y6 propellors

I have been looking at several commercial Y- configured multicopters out there, and have noticed that most of them use the normal APC -E props rather than SF props. I asked a local drone delveloper why this was, and he answered that they have tried a

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No heartbeat packets received

Just received my Y6 today but I'm having trouble getting the Mavlink to connect. It connected this morning on my Windows 7 machine but this afternoon when I tried to connect again it times out.

APM 2.6 Mission Planner 1.2.69 Mav 1.0

When I plug the usb

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3DR Y6 Params

Please post your parameter files for your 3DR ARDUCOPTER Y6 here. 

So far I am running stock firmware values, apart from the Rate P was changed to 0.7 after some in-flight Dynamic tuning.

Brilliant in no-wind conditions, but quite wobbly in a mild br

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