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SkyCatch panel

My husband owns an engineering company & I've been doing this for about a year.  

Thought I'd post the webinar here - It was DPR, Shimmick, AutoDesk & me (GrandView Services) talking about using this for construction & engineering.  I was totally hono

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Reality capture success.

3691159883?profile=original3691159915?profile=originalAfter a few attempts I finally got all the pieces working together. Check out the detail on the small structure on the top left. Besides the standard survey flight pattern, I threw in two Circle mode sub-missions at a lower altitude and with a slight

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FOV in the 'Geo ref images' tool

I've just started using the great tool for geotagging photos with the flight log in Mission Planner's (v1.3.10). While most of the Wiki describing this tool is refreshingly clear, maybe the section on Field of View could perhaps be more complete.


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