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Possible Composite X8

Hey guys! (and girls) I noticed a lot of people do love their X8 but they are pimping them quite a lot... Most of the time going above the max weight of the aircraft or going faster creating flutter. A composite airframe would help a lot in stiffenin

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Build Tips & Tricks

Hi all,

I'm about to start building my third X8 tomorrow (crashed due to a horrible gust on launch at 6.6kg all up). I notice a lot of peeps are managing to put the batteries in the middle of the fuselage. Just wondering how people have managed to bal

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Wing Flutter

Hi All,

Thought I should open this; yesterday I started experiencing some pretty horrendous wing flutter across the whole aircraft. It was a first harmonic, so the fuselage went up, both wingtips wend down (and vice versa), bending I would guess aroun

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X8 motor choices

I'm looking to run a 6S pack with as big a prop as possible on an X8. 16 inch would be ideal so that means a Kv of around 300-350 but I also am looking for something relatively lightweight i.e. 170-250 grams. Can be geared too.

Anyone have any suggest

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User X8 Setup

Post your x8 setup and endurance times the setup has done.


I will start.

I have the APM 2.5 with ublox lea6 GPS

Airspeed sensor

MB1260 XL Sonar (Not sure if it is working or providing anything to the setup)

5.8GHZ 500mw FPV system with Fatshark Dominator

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X8 C of G

Can anyone tell me what the limit is for moving the C of G forward on the X8.

I have retracts - they are mounted so that they fold forward and obviously the C of G moves forward when they fold up. I'm trying to work out what the best compromise betwee

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X8 distance/endurance records

Hi all,

Reading that the X8 cruises at 10-12A (3S) with a speed of 60km/h and also reading that some have succesfully put 20Ah worth of batteries in her, she should be able to break the 100km endurance mark.  Anyone who has actually succeeded in that

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